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7 Romantic Spots In Saudi Arabia For The Perfect Date Night

You’ll be surprised at the numerous date nights spots in Saudi Arabia for your big romantic night.

Saudi Arabia offers amazing culinary destinations for your romantic à deux. With the love season coming up, we’ve rounded up a guide of our favorite spots in the Kingdom for a memorable date with your S.O. The next time you’re running out of date night ideas, glance at this list and your partner is bound to be impressed. Have fun!

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1. Piatto

You can get a taste of a Roman getaway from the heart of the Kingdom. There’s a bit of Italy in the heart of Jeddah and it’s named Piatto. As soon as you walk in, you’ll be transported to a piazza with balconies, cobblestones, fountains, and lampposts around you. Anything on the menu is authentico and out-sourced! On the menu? Their thin-crusted pizzas and heavenly pasta will win over your heart. Buon appetito!

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2. Nozomi

One of the finest destinations for Japanese cuisine in the Kingdom, a dinner at Nozomi is simply a must. You’ll absolutely love the elegant interiors and their princely personnel that’s ready to assist you throughout your meal. You can never no wrong with Nozomi’s crispy sea bass, crab salad, black cod, and maki rolls. Whether it’s their Jeddah or Riyadh branch, lovebirds love coming back for the intimate setting and all-around friendly ambiance.

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3. Spazio 77

Candle-lit dinner, anyone? Located on the 77th level of the iconic Kingdom Tower, Spazio 77 will answer ALL of your cravings. Whether it’s French, Italian, or Japanese cuisine, this Riyadh spot will impress the pickiest of eaters. Spazio 77 boasts an ideal setting to celebrate milestone occasions of love, as an impressive 360-degree view of the capital awaits you lovebirds.

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4. Lusin

“Lusin” means moon in Armenian; so it doesn’t get more romantic than that. Located in Riyadh, Al Khobar, Jeddah, this upscale restaurant serves up the finest of Armenian cuisine in lavish yet cozy interiors. If you’re both carb lovers, we recommend that you double-up that subareg and manti order. A Lusin experience is incomplete without relishing every cultural detail around you, from the carved walls with Armenian quotes to the traditional music.

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5. Elements

Elements is a multi-cuisine conceptual restaurant which serves up global delicacies from across the east; China, Japan, India and Saudi Arabia, all prepared to order and made from the freshest ingredients. It’s a go-to for when you have different food preferences but don’t want to disappoint your S.O. This Riyadh spot guarantees that you’ll both be in your Elements (pun intended).

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6. The Grill

With its unique Majlis-style seating, The Grill in Riyadh promises a laid-back get-together with scrumptious food and a warm atmosphere.  Guests are invited to select from an à la carte menu featuring a wide variety of imported meats, fish and fresh seafood, all grilled to perfection in a semi-open kitchen. So sit back on your low cushions and share this lively gourmet experience with your boo.

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7. The Globe

At the top of the iconic Al Faisaliah Hotel towering Riyadh sits a restaurant with an exceptional setting to boot. The Globe is  a gourmet destination offering European cuisine and panoramic vistas overlooking the capital. With a lounge-like atmosphere, The Globe is the ideal place to unwind and catch up with your closed ones after a long week. Expert chefs from all around the globe (pun intended) have gathered their culinary talents to create an elaborate menu that’s ready to impress.  And if you ask us, a ‘dine in the sky’ experience is an astounding date idea.

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