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Japan’s First Lady Makes Fond Memories at the Disabled Children’s Association in Saudi Arabia

Adorable pictures capture Abe and the children bonding together with big contagious smiles on their faces.

As part of her visit to the KSA, wife of Japanese prime minister, Akie Abe paid a heartfelt visit to Riyadh’s Disabled Children’s Association (DCA). the Japanese first lady was welcomed by Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Swailem, deputy chairman of the DCA, and members of the board of directors Princess Fahda bint Fahd, Sulaiman Al-Sudairi, Mohammed Al-Shuwair, and Dr. Majida Besar.

This non-profit organization provides rehabilitation programs to children living with disabilities from birth until 12 year olds. One of the largest children rehab institutions in the Arab region, 4 thousand individuals benefit from the DCA’s program for free, whether it’s their education, medical, or rehabilitation services.

Abe toured the association’s specialized departments and units, alongside the executive director Dr. Ahmad bin Abdul Aziz Al-Tamimi, where she got an inside eye on the services of the educational and medical department.

As a glimpse of the world of differently-abled individuals, Abe tried the wheelchair program, which aims to echo the daily suffering of disabled people. She also commended the Saudi government for their dedication towards their care for children with disabilities provided by DCA.

“What DCA achieved is comparable to what is provided in several countries. We are delighted with this visit, that allowed us to see the great progress in the medical and educational department,” she said, according to the Saudi Press Association.

Abe also expressed her hope that both Japan and Saudi Arabia will agree to keep improving the lives of children with disabilities and their rehabilitation treatments.

After leaving a note in DCA’s record book, the children in the center offered her a painting they prepared themselves. And so, it’s safe to say that she'll never forget the quality time spent with these adorable kids.

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