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Dubai Has Just Opened a Selfie Museum

With a number of insta-worthy places, spaces and environments in Dubai to use as a background for the perfect selfie, dotted across Dubai and beyond, there is yet another surprising hot spot that has just opened its doors in the emirate, specifically for selfie enthusiasts…

The Selfie Kingdom, or TSK, which also kind of sounds like the noise a camera makes when you take a picture, is, according to Kahleej Times, "an interactive space that aims to inspire creativity, art, design and promote digital content.”


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Rania Naffa, founder of TSK and the UAE’s Chief Happiness Officer said that the new museum, "contributes to the spirit of the UAE. TSK provides an interactive photo-friendly social space that promotes art, creativity and a place for our guests to express themselves freely and have fun while doing it,” she said.  

The Selfie Kingdom boasts fifteen pop up rooms, each with props, a variety of backgrounds, lighting effects and more as the space provides visitors with every aspect required to take the perfect selfie.

The museum plans to renovate each room every couple of months to stay up to date and guarantee the most unique and immersive photo experiences for guests. Not only is TSK all about fabulous selfies, but the space will also host exciting exhibitions featuring top innovators, artists and designers, and will be available for private events. The museum is located just a stone’s throw away from Dubai’s Expo 2020 site, and isn’t the first of its kind. In fact, selfie museums are fast becoming a global phenomenon as they have also appeared in Australia and America.

We can’t wait to see where else they pop up and what Dubai’s selfie kingdom has in store for us.

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