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Dubai’s Expo 2020 Launches Campaign To Help Combat Australian Bushfire Emergency

Australia’s bushfires sparked major global concern as the blaze destroyed a vast amount of the country’s forests, wildlife and more.

With this being a global problem and not just something Australia should have to suffer alone, the cause has become one that has bought humankind together. The UAE has launched a campaign to show support, raise awareness and funds for the Australian bushfire crisis, called #MatesHelpMates, which can be found on Expo 2020 Dubai’s official social media pages.

Launching on Instagram, a post highlighting #MatesHelpMates shows heart-wrenching footage of the effects of the natural disaster that Australians and wildlife are facing. Expo 2020 Dubai’s campaign is working to let the world know that the cause of the bushfires are a result of man-made climate issues that affect not only Australia, but the entire world.

The video was shared after Reem Al Hashimy, the UAE’s Minister of State for International Cooperation spoke with Peter Dutton Australian Minister of Home Affairs in a meeting in which they discussed how to coordinate relief efforts and help raise money for the disaster.

Dubai’s royal family also showed their support as Dubai’s Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan took to Instagram to share the #MatesHelpMates campaign video on his own social media account, and not only that, the city’s Burj Khalifa, hosted a moment to show support, and share information on how UAE residents can contribute or donate to the crisis.

Emirates Red Crescent is the organization behind raising the funds for the humanitarian cause, and have created a one-click e-donation service to allow people of the UAE to donate easily.

If you would like to donate to the cause, visit the Emirates Red Crescent Authority’s #MatesHelpMates page to donate.

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