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Heartwarming: Orphaned Kangaroos In Australia Are Recovering In Handsewn Pouches

The Australian bushfires have ended the lives of over one billion animals and volunteers all over the world are joining forces to help the survivors.

A humanitarian initiative was recently launched to secure pouches, gloves and blankets for kangaroos who lost their mothers in the ravaging fires. Sewing crafters are whirring their machines around the globe to give this adorable species what it needs to fully recover.

Three organizations dedicated to crafts and animal relief are working together to send a maximum number of protective cloth to kangaroos, koalas and other animals in Australia, according to CTV, a Canadian news website.

Baby kangaroos need their mothers’ pockets to feel safe and grow, and hopefully these cute pouches will do the trick.

It’s amazing to witness how the international community decided to pitch in with money, donations, food, and finally sewing skills. We wish these beautiful animals a speedy recovery and a bright future!


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