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Saudi Arabia Is Ready To Help Fight the Australian Bushfires

King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud called PM Scott Morrison to confirm the Kingdom’s readiness to help the country in the face of the current bushfires, named “ worst of the decade”. The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques went on to express his condolences for the families of victims deceased in these horrid fires, while wishing survivors the speediest of recovery.

The beginning of 2020 marked the increase of fires in Australia, which are exacerbated by drought, heat, and climate change. Entire towns have been engulfed in flames, and residents across several states have lost their homes. A total of 27 people have died, including volunteer firefighters. About half a billion of animals have been affected by the fires, with millions likely dead, according to CNN. Unfortunately, Australia is only just entering its summer season, meaning the country could be months away from finding relief.

In light of these deplorable events, The Australian state of South Australia planned to begin a mass cull of 10,000 feral camels over 5 days. Their severe dehydration and ruthless search for water have led to this severe decision. These animals are worsening the living conditions of humans, hence increasing the possibility of facing more droughts, fires, and victims.

"Some people, in this sort of weather, are unable to put their air conditioners on, for fear that the animals are going to attack their air conditioners for their moisture,” reported The National.

It’s not the first time these animal face life-threatening controversy. Back in 2010, animal welfare groups and camel-loving cultures have pushed for camels to be airlifted to safety in the Saudi Arabian desert.

Meanwhile, as a solution, Twitter reactions suggest:that Australia ships off the thousands of camels to Saudi, instead of proceeding with their mass killing. Here are some:

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