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Farasan Islands: 6 Reasons Why You Should Visit This Hidden Gem


These gorgeous remote islands are tucked away off the shore in the southwest of Saudi Arabia. Farasan Islands are another key location contributing to an increase in tourism in the Kingdom, as per the 2030 Vision. We had to see why for ourselves and so we’ve rounded all the amazing reasons one should visit this hidden gem - at least once.

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1. Farasan Islands boasts stupendous coastlines, pristine beaches, and rich marine fauna offering golden opportunities to sea divers.


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2. Every year visitors make the journey using the free daily shuttle service or speed boats departing from Jizan to the main Farasan Island, to enjoy its clear blue waters, stunning terrains, and historical sites.

3. The Arabian jewel stands out with exceptional weather, which is moderate all year long. The peace and quiet, meanwhile, make it easy for visitors to relax and forget about their normal busy lives, at least for a while.


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4. The other islands are home to many birds, including the osprey, sooty falcon, pink-backed pelican, red-billed tropicbird, white-eyed gull, crab plover, flamingos, and many others. Some of the smaller islands are uninhabited, making them perfect breeding sites for birds, while the main island is a natural reserve for Arabian gazelles.


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5. If you’re looking for a more active way to enjoy the island, Farasan hosts the Hareed Festival between April and May each year. The Hareed, or parrotfish, is a fish that swims to the shallow parts of the coast each year. Locals celebrate its arrival with folk songs and other heritage-related activities, according to Arab News. During the same period of the festival, whale sharks swimming in from the Indian Ocean can be spotted at the mouth of the archipelago.


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6. For those who prefer to remain on dry land, the islands offer not only a beautiful landscape but also a historically rich site to explore. They contain, for example, beautiful Turkish artifacts carved out of stone, including the doors of mosques and other remnants. 

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