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11 Fashion Tips For Teenagers

Fashion can be confusing for teens, so here are some tips to help avoid some regrettable outfit choices…

For many teenage girls, fashion is extremely important. And developing a sense of style is a great way to experiment with self-expression, which is key for a teen girl progressing through adolescence, Here are a few tips to help teens bring out their unique qualities, give other people an idea of who they really are and make a mark.

Confidence is key

Some of the most attractive people in the word are not always the most fashionably dressed, yet they radiate a self-assurance that gets them noticed. We admit that one of the most important aspects of being a teenage girl is the feeling that you fit in, but if you have the right attitude, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be part of the peer group for you! The right clothes can lend you some assertiveness, but make sure you’re comfortable in what you're wearing otherwise you might lose some of your poise. The rest has to come from within.

Work with proportion

Your clothes may fit properly, but if you don't get the proportions right, you'll still be off the mark. Choose looks that are "short over long" or "long over short." Think: a cropped jacket over a maxi dress, a long T-shirt with skinny pants, or a tunic over a shorter pencil skirt.

Balance your figure

Assess your assets and dress them up. If you have a short waist, keep it uncluttered to appear longer. Camouflage your slopping shoulders with shoulder pads to look taller and slimmer. Raglan or dolman sleeves are best for girls with broad shoulders. V-necklines are perfect for a big bust. As you have seen, most figure challenges are overcomed with simple balancing strategies.

Focus on fit not size

It is very important to highlight the fact that weight is not a major issue for staying trendy. I assure you that to look great you need not lose weight.  So forget the numbers and don't insist on a smaller size, order the one that fits now!  It’s about knowing how something should sit on the body and framing it in a flattering and comfortable way.

Keep styles simple for maximum versatility

Jeans can quickly go from day-to-night if you choose a style with clean lines and minimal details. Pair coloured skinny jeans with a simple blazer for a more sophisticated look that has some panache. High heels can transform casual wear into something dressier.

Wear colours

Pick the right colours that suit your skin tone. To see if a colour suits you, hold it up to your face, in as natural or bright light as possible and see if it lifts your skin and makes you glow. When a colour works, the whites of the eyes will appear brighter. When it doesn’t, dark shadows appear under the eyes and the skin appears sallow. The best way to wear a colorful pair of jeans is to make them the standout piece in your ensemble.

Have fun with eyewear

Don't worry about being practical when it comes to sunglasses, because a quick way to update any look is to slip on the latest shades.

Get a great haircut

A great haircut is crucial; your hair is your constant accessory. Don’t be afraid to try the latest hairstyles of your celebrity or style icon, have fun!

Open your mind

Try new styles to discover what suits you best. You never know! Some basic pieces are your wardrobe essentials; they should be simple garments easy to layer, to accessorize and to mix and match.

Create your look book

Got compliments on your outfit today? Snap a pic with your phone. You will have a quick reminder of what to wear the next time you are in a rush.

Set a budget

You don’t need to spend a fortune on your outfit to look good, and perhaps it’s wise not to. First, your body shape, size and height change. Second, I’m sure you won’t look after your clothes in a way that prolongs their lifespan. Third, I know you don’t care about the quality of a piece the same way adults do. If you have a limited budget, spend it on accessories: shoes, bags and jewellery are all outfit makers.

Be smart

You need to be smart to dress smart. Learn to be creative and experiment with everything you already own. With the basics mentioned above, you will never run out of ideas to dress yourself, for any season and any occasion. You just need to be perfectly aware of what will complement your body type well. When in doubt, change? That’s right. You are the best judge of what you look like. It’s perfectly alright to take a risk with fashion trends once in a while, but if you seriously doubt the way you look in a particular outfit, either get an opinion from someone who can be honest with you or just change!

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