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These Bite-Sized Cupcakes From Sugargram Will Be Your New Favourite Gifting Option

Add a dollop of joy to someone’s day by sending these bite size cupcakes that come with an optional occasion sleeve to their doorstep…

They say good things come in small packages, and that definitely includes mini cupcakes with mouth-watering frosting now that Sugargram has launched in the UAE. The homegrown brand’s new dessert gifting concept is all about putting a smile on sweet lovers’ faces via a ‘sugar telegram’.

Whether you want to cheer your friend up, send yourself a well-deserved treat or celebrate someone’s birthday, wedding or baby shower, these bite size cupcakes in occasion packs are the ‘perfect premium gifting option.’ Not only are they pretty and cute they're also delicious.

All the fresh mini cupcakes are locally made and the 25-piece boxes can be personalised upon request. Made daily, they come in delicious flavours, including Mrs. Weasley, a delicious concoction of red velvet inspired from the sassy Molly Weasley herself! The bite-sized indulgences can also be found in the Lotus-based Sasha Speculous and peanut butter infused Jelly Jennifer.

Additionally, cupcake aficionados can tuck into the delicious Basic Becky, made with chocolate chip cookies that’ll melt even the crustiest of hearts. There’s the Oreona Grande too, a playful merging of the names of the chartbusting singer and best-selling cookie. The refreshing Minty Fiona, a mint chocolate sensation, Holy Ho Lightly, a fun confetti of colours and flavours, and Fudge Judy, a classic chocolate cupcake, are the other scrumptious options.  

What’s more, Sugargram will be introducing more delicious flavours, as well as other dessert bundles, which will melt even the frostiest food-critics, in 2020.

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