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KSA Keep Retail Alive 24/7 with Prayer Breaks

With Vision 2030 in full swing, changes in Saudi Arabia are taking place rapidly in a bid to modernize and become a country seen as a coveted holiday destination for international travelers. From fashion and retail, dining, entertainment and sporting, the kingdom wants to make everything accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, starting from 2020.

Saudi’s Minister of Municipal and Rural Affairs, Majed Al Qasabi claimed that the decision for eateries and shops to be open around the clock, is with a view to "enhance the quality of life in cities."

For business owners to be a part of this new change, they must apply for a license, and must also install cameras at their premises in order to obtain the license. Keeping businesses open means religious sentiments must also be upheld, and therefore must close during Muslim prayer times. When the call for adhan happens, cafes, eateries, hospitals, gas stations and other establishments must close until prayer time is over.

Amid modernizing, Saudi Arabia has loosened its grip on previously strict laws, but is bearing in mind the sentiments of tradition and religion.

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