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9 Scenic Spots To Catch A Magical Sunset In Saudi Arabia

Any weekend plans?

We at About Her make it our life mission to seek the magical sunset views of the world. If you’re an avid traveller or a Saudi local, you’re in luck because we’ve prepared a sunset guide for the KSA.

N.B: Be sure the weather is in your favor first to make the most of your sunset experience

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Rosewood Hotel

This Jeddah Gem offers its visitors a stupendous boat-shaped rooftop overlooking the Red Sea. Book an early dinner at Rosewood and revel at the extraordinary warm colors forming in the sky.

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The Maldives of the Kingdom promises you a romantic setting with unbelievable sunsets. Milestones coming up? The sandy shores call for a celebration of love with your significant other - so don’t miss out on ths Tabuk gem!

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Nofa Farm And Resort

This stupendous resort in the Riyadh province boasts gorgeous sunset view that will sweep you off your feet. Nofa Resort an ideal weekend break from the bustling capital.

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Oia Beach Resort

Santorini-inspired Oia Beach Resort exudes Greek island vibes from the heart of Jeddah. Make your way to this paradise and take in all the sunset rays!

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King Fahd’s Corniche

Wander along the Corniche with friends and admire the 2 in 1 view, a gigantic geyser with a beautiful sunset in the backdrop. When hunger strikes,  nab a spot in one of the cafes or restaurants from the bay. Enjoy!

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Floating Mosque

The floating mosque or Masjid El Rahma in Jeddah is easily the most serene destination you’ll ever visit! Bask in the spiritual view of this holy space coupled with ethereal sunset colors (and try to be disconnected from your phone).

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Desert Sunset Getaway

Book yourself a memorable Arabian night and capture the desertic sunset from the back of a camel. You can find tour inspo here.

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The Edge of The World

A replenishing view always makes your hike worthwhile, and that’s what this Saudi natural landmark offers. Be ready to experience a jaw-dropping sunset from the Edge Of the World cliff!

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Kingdom Center

A tad-bit cliche option but the Sky Bridge enables visitors to soak in incredible urban views of Riyadh. Head there around sunset time and witness the panoramic vistas!

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