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10 Times Abeer Sinder Kept It Real on the ‘Gram

In the age of unimaginable beauty standards, it’s women staying true to themselves that we love to celebrate. Meet Abeer Sinder, an inspiring Arab blogger championing beauty through her identity. We’re constantly flooded with campaigns glorifying contour, flawless skin, and oh-so-many ‘teatoxes’ and they’re all conditioning us to reach a preconceived idea of beauty.



Une publication partagée par عبير سندرKali (@abeer.sinder) le

That’s where Sinder’s stance falls in, she’s the first black beauty and health vlogger in the Kingdom, who once considered bleaching her own skin after facing racial prejudice. In order to feel totally beautiful, the Saudi woman doesn’t blindly follow trends, but knows what suits her best. A hardcore fan of Rihanna’s super inclusive cosmetics brand, she told Vogue Arabia:  “I love Fenty Beauty highlighters. The shade Trophy Wife looks amazing on dark skin.”

With almost 420 K followers on Instagram, we at AboutHer rounded up our favorite posts from Sinder’s page.
P.S: Always keep it real!

1- When she turned an Arwa Al Banawi shawl into a statement skirt.

Yes to multi-purposeness!

2- When her posing face was everyone’s mood in 2019



Une publication partagée par عبير سندر Kali (@abeer.sinder) le

Kudos to her hubby, an MMA athlete!

3- When she slayed us with her side eye game (several times)



Une publication partagée par عبير سندر Kali (@abeer.sinder) le

4- When she shared artworks preaching diversity in beauty 


#diversity.. #التنوع

Une publication partagée par عبير سندر Kali (@abeer.sinder) le

5- When she effortlessly rocked a white shirt blue jeans look 


هاي بنات انا مره محظوظة اني كنت من الناس اللي دعموا حملة لا للصورة النمطية مع @jennyfer طبعا الموضوع دا مرة مهم انو يتسلط عليه الضوء لان كل وحدة فينا فريدة بنوعها و غلط الناس يحكمو على بعض بصور نمطية بس بسبب شكل او حالة اجتماعية او كونك من بلد معين و ما الى ذلك .. بنات شاركونا بصوركم وانتو لابسين تيشيرت جينيفر و سوي تاغ @jennyfer و تاغ لي انا عشان تدخلو المسابقة وتربحو قسيمه شرائية بقيمة ٥٠٠ ريال سعودي عند جينيفر، راح اختار وحدة فائزة محظوظه الاسبوع الجاي! #dontcallmejennyfer #nostereotypes Hey guys .. it was a pleasure to take part in the @jennyfer campaign against stereotyping and sharing my thoughts on it”. * You can join the contest by posting a picture of yourself wearing a DCM Jennyfer shirt and tag @jennyfer and tag me for a chance to win 500 SAR gift card to shop at Jennyfer! . #dontcallmejennyfer #nostereotypes

Une publication partagée par عبير سندر . Kali (@abeer.sinder) le

Notice the print!

6- When she flaunted her luscious curls to the world


I . MISS . YOU !!

Une publication partagée par عبير سندر .. Kali (@abeer.sinder) le

That’s every post (we know) but her diva hair looks extra special in that shot.

7- When we easily mistook her for a flower

And that she was.

8- When she was sensationally beautiful on her wedding day


16.04.19 Photo taken by @mohamed_mati_photography

Une publication partagée par عبير سندرKali (@abeer.sinder) le

9- When she admitted she was a real-life version of a doll during the Bratz challenge 

10- When she served all the looks with her friends 

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