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This Rotating Restaurant Offers Spectacular Views Of Jeddah


For your next special occasion, we found the perfect city gem that will meet your sky-high expectations (quite literally). On the 15th floor of Al Suhaili Business Center sits Le Ciel; a rotating restaurant offering 360 degree views of Jeddah. After all, what’s better than having the vistas around you change along with your courses? Add it to your Jeddah bucket list!

Le Ciel boasts lavish interiors inspired by the palaces of the French King Louis XV, adding a regal touch to your dining experience. Customers feel like royalty amidst the chandeliers, candelabras, predominant golden and red colors, and overall upscale ambiance.


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You scrumptious meal comes with unparalleled views of Jeddah: every rotation takes an hour and a half to finish a turn. But leave your worries to the side, because this revolving restaurant is constructed in a way that will not make you feel uneasy.

How does it work? The center itself remains stationary and holds a revolving platform where unforgettable dinners are carried out.The best part is that all tables are conveniently located next to windows, which allows visitors to fully enjoy the stunning views without leaving the comfort of their table.

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