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14 Showstopping Street Style Moments from Saudi Arabia

Leave it to Saudi women to rock a street style moment! We went Instagram hunting and handpicked our favorite urban style from KSA cities. It’s that  much-needed inspo you can benefit from before getting fashion ready. Happy styling!

1- Nothing like streets standing out with pops of colors


الحلم السعودي | Capsule Collection Drops Sept 2019| Shot in Al Balad, Jeddah KSA | Photography @theloftme | Models @5sunshine1 @haniamalhas | Special Collaboration with @pepsi_arabia #THESAUDIDREAM Tradition and culture is beautiful that’s how I see it , this collection is celebrating SAUDI YOUTH STREET CULTURE /:There are many traditional garments that I’m inspired by like the veil , the abaya but in this collection I reimagined Saudi streetwear but still using and celebrating our traditions I for one love to wear my abaya I love to wear a thobe in Jeddah and have my head scarf with me, this is my version to show a different way of wearing it and using different colors and vibrant colors that remind me of Jeddah streets and Saudi youth | We have one of the richest cultures in the world and our traditions are also special to me and modernizing tradition in fashion is my way to show our Saudi prideFull Story on @voguearabia

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2- Neutrals all day everyday 


Fashion blogger in our Rose beige (sky blue sleeves) garment #newdesign made with Italian stone washed silk

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3- Some dreamy national inspo 

4- One can never go wrong with beige, black, and white 


لأهل الخبر .. السويكت Dec 06/2019

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5- When style meets extreme comfort 

6- How is it all so effortless? 

7- The on-duty inspo you need right here 

8- Life is better in platform sandals 

9- It’s all in the palm tree appreciation

10- Patterns always upgrade a look 


Same design Same Spirit New color

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11- A look that screams annoyed but cute, but annoyed. 

12- Who said bandeaus are supposed to go under clothes? 

13- Whether it’s the views, the boss-itude, or the sunnies, it’s working 

14- Unicorns are known to fluff up a look 


Unicorn socks available in two colors (black , purple). - Unisex || freesize || 25riyals

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