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Winter Wonderland: 'Tis The Season To Be Jolly in Riyadh


With twinkling lights, cheerful ambiance, and delightful entertainment, Riyadh’s end-of-year festival will get you right in the festive spirit. Winter Wonderland will be running until the 18th of January 2020 from 4 pm till 12 am, as part of the exciting Riyadh season. With the jovial season right around the corner, let us give you a jolly tour of this fun-packed festival...

Winter Wonderland Riyadh welcomes all ages and fits all tastes with its markets, activities, shows, and many surprises. So gather your favorite people for a heartwarming experience during the cold season!

You’ll first spot an enormous Christmas chandelier,which calls for a stunning photo-op. And of course, your Winter Wonderland experience is incomplete without a carousel trip with your kids, and good luck convincing them getting off this charming attraction.


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Adrenaline junkies will find themselves gushing over the roller coaster and other thrilling rides available at Wonderland. 

This festival’s wonders are perfect to make memories with your significant other. The Ferris Wheel stands out with its magical lights and its gorgeous urban views. Don’t forget to snap a selfie when you’re atop the wheel!

Fun doesn’t end here because Winter Wonderland is home to a giant frozen tent with an ice skating arena. So lace up your boots and head over to Snow Park, where an icy world awaits! When kids are busy skating, parents will surely admire the ice sculptures in the nearby snow cafe.

This winter frenzy  boasts numerous bakeries, coffee shops, and food stands, leaving your hunger at bay throughout your time. And as you potter around to grab a hot cocoa, be sure to lend an ear and sing along to the merry playlist. 

 Best part? You can hop on the free shuttle buses to move around the magical space.For book inquiries, please click here. Happy Wonderland!

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