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10 Powerful Statements on Islamophobia During The Saudi Media Forum

On the first day of the Saudi Media Forum in Riyadh, the secretary-general of the Muslim World League stressed the importance of dialogue in tackling Islamophobia. These are ten statements from Sheikh Mohammed Al-Issa revolving around Islamophobia, transparent dialogue, and the importance of good communication.

  1. Not all bearers of knowledge are knowledgeable.
  2. Islamophobia is a recent and contemporary terminology that started to spread in 1997, but its first origins date back to 1910. It has taken a whole new meaning in the present day.
  3. These islamophobic notions have lead to the fear of Muslims and their coexistence with others. They have also lead to feeling uncertain about working with Muslims.
  4. Our mission as Muslims and islamic organizations to do whatever we can to raise awareness on the true nature of Muslims and Islam.
  5. Islamophonic perceptions don’t take into account and disregard Islam’s values and openness, which completely misreprents the religion, and the reality of Muslims today.
  6. One negative action or event is appropriated to the totality Muslims and Islam, and the media has a big role in that
  7. We invite everyone to respect the rules and laws of a country, its public opinion, and its culture
  8. It’s important to foster the idea that Muslims are capable of living and working with others
  9. Transparent dialogue pushed far-right individuals to retrieve any preconceived notions and prejudice on Islam.
  10. It’s crucial to encourage discussion to reach a better coexistence.

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