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Temperley London Opens Stunning Boutique In Dubai Mall’s Fashion Avenue

Temperley is a brand known for its pioneering artisanal techniques and intricate hand-worked embellishments on the most stunning and feminine silhouettes.

British designer, Alice Temperley, has just opened her very first Dubai boutique in Dubai Mall’s Fashion Avenue, where her recognizable luxury aesthetic can be found.

Temperley London, focuses on women’s ready-to-wear collections, which have evolved to offer a comprehensive range of daywear, cocktail dresses, eveningwear and bridal. The new boutique features a VIP lounge and spans across approximately 1500 square feet, marking the brand’s third freestanding location after the global flagship location in London’s Mayfair, and Qatar’s The Gate Mall boutique.   

Speaking about the new store, Alice Temperley stated, “I am extremely excited to launch my new store in The Dubai Mall. This is a perfect location for Temperley London, and I am looking forward to seeing its potential growth within this region. I have always been inspired by the Middle East, so much so we will be shooting our Summer 2020 campaign in Dubai whilst I am there visiting in January next year.”

CEO of Temperley London, Luca Donnini also added, “The decision we took to invest directly in Dubai was the natural consequence of the opportunity given by Temperley London’s brand awareness in this market. Providing the opportunity to deliver products with a full range of offer, including uniquely designed style to fully satisfy the regional characteristics. Having a retail space in the Dubai Mall will be a privilege for us, which will allow us to introduce our products with a one to one customer service which will be unmatched in other channels of distribution. We plan to expand in other retail operations as soon as our revenue shows consistency in the potential we have planned.”

Alice Temperley by Tomo Brejc

Temperley London is recognized mainly because of it’s contemporary boho, feminine and effortless, whilst maintaining its British design sensibilities. All of these aspects of the label are reflected in the new boutique.

Launching with both the Autumn and Winter 2020 collections, the most current Winter collection is inspired by a 1930’s Shanghai, fuelled by prints constructed from hand painted motifs borrowed from Chinoiserie screens, while Phoenix feathers, plumes of smoke, and blossom flowers appear in artfully placed embroideries.

Alice Temperley is widely regarded as the pioneer of the modern bohemian movement, combining her British heritage with a globalized mindset. With a devoted following of celebrity and industry friends and fans from all over the globe, Temperley London continues to expand its global reach with this new luxurious destination in The Dubai Mall.

Temperley London is located on the Ground Floor of Fashion Avenue at The Dubai Mall.

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