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Weekend Trip: How To Spend 48 Hours in Jeddah

Looking to spend a weekend in Jeddah? There’s only so much to do in a city with endless possibilities of entertainment, food, and tourism. We’ve rounded up a guide covering the best of leisure activities, so you don’t worry about FOMO.


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First Day

1.  Brunch your heart out at Maison de Zaid



Look no further than Maison de Zeid for an impeccable brunch spread perfect to start your day on a high note. This French-inspired restaurant has gathered a fanbase for its generous stack of pistachio and halawa pancakes, avocado poached eggs, chicken truffle, and their lobster pasta. Their outstanding service and convivial ambiance will tempt to spend your whole day there!

2.  Stroll in the UNESCO heritage site of Al Balad



Add a nostalgic touch to your trip! Jeddah’s old districts boasts charming narrow street, stunning architecture, and a delightful mix of old and new. If you’re a history geek, let a tour guide assist your walk around the historical houses of prominent Saudi families.

3. Grab a smoothie to go from The Shaker



This juice parlor will answer your fruitiest of cravings. Just challenge them!

4. Take in the contemporary art scene at Athr Gallery



Aisha Zakiya Islam is a multidisciplinary artist based in Al-Dahran. Through personal experiences, the artist explores connections between identity and wellbeing, questioning the emotional and physical human state as it oscillates between external and internal factors that determine their stability. In Emotional Metamorphosis​, Islam uses henna on x-rays belonging to her late mother. Conceived as a series of elegies, poems of self-reflection mourn the loss of a mother, and overreach for a story of acceptance after losing a loved one. Aisha Zakiya Islam Emotional Metamorphosis, 2018 Henna on x-ray 39 x 46 cm @aishazakiya91 Photos by @mohammed.esk

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With a city like Jeddah that breathes culture, it’s places like Athr gallery that offer the art dose you need.  Athr gallery opens the floor to emerging and established artists from all around the globe.

5. Indulge in an exceptional Japanese dinner at Nozomi


One of the finest destinations for Japanese cuisine in the Kingdom, a dinner at Nozomi is memorable. You’ll absolutely love the elegant interiors and their princely personnel that’s ready to assist you throughout your meal. You can never no wrong with Nozomi’s crispy sea bass, crab salad, black cod, and maki rolls.

6. Stay at Jeddah’s iconic Park Hyatt Hotel



The picture is enough of a reason.

Second Day

1. Begin your day with a pastry feast from Knead Bakery

An appetizing smell will lure you in this homey bakery serving up bread, pastries, and breakfast items. Couple your carb intake with one of the best eggs benedict in the city and treat yourself with the fluffiest of beignets.

2. Get ready for some ‘me’ time


Head back to the hotel for a luxurious spa-cation. Evania spa will cater to all of your self-care needs, leaving you revitalized, and relaxed. You can dive in their hydro pool or kick back by the outdoor pool for a quick tanning session.

3. Drop by Bafarat Arabia for a coffee break


This gem of a cafe masters the art of the brew and will grant all of your caffeine wishes. Coffee connoisseurs will particularly enjoy shopping in Barafat market corner.

4.  Bite into decadent Italian dishes at Piatto



There’s a bit of Italy in the heart of Jeddah and it’s named Piatto. As soon as you walk can in, you’ll be transported to a piazza with the balconies, cobblestones, fountains, and lampposts around you. Anything on the menu is authentico and out-sourced! Musts are their thin-crusted pizzas and their heavenly pasta options. Buon appetito!

5. Get some shopping done at the Red Sea Mall



If beach weather isn’t in your favor, cool down at this mall boasting a vast array of shops, restaurants, and entertainment.

6. Finish off your trip with an unforgettable seafood dinner at Al Nafoura




Before you head to your romantic dinner, take a sunset walk around the corniche. This seafront restaurant in Park Hyatt overlooks a prominent Jeddah landmark, Kind Fahd’s Fountain. Feast on your favorite seafood dishes as you revel at the giant geyser. Enjoy! 

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