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Saudi Arabia's Stunning Al-Akhu Valley Now Offers Climbing Routes

Over the past two years, the Saudi Climbing and Hiking Federation (SCHF) has been working through key partnerships to develop rock-climbing opportunities and selected climbing paths for climbers of different ages and abilities in various locations across the Kingdom. This week, as part of its ongoing efforts, the federation has successfully opened mountain climbing routes in Al-Akhu Valley (known as Wadi Al-Akhu in Arabic) in Al-Hareeq governorate of Riyadh Province. Indeed, according to various news sources, climbers from different regions of Saudi Arabia have already charted these routes, climbing 38 of them on several mountain slopes.

As reported by Saudi Press Agency, Prince Bandar Bin Khalid Bin Fahd, chairman of the board of directors of the federation, took part in the event organized by Projects Manager Mahmood Fattah and supervised by CEO Yasmin Al-Qahtani. Speaking on the occasion, CEO Al-Qahtani explained that the “beautiful scenes on these routes are not only mesmerizing, but the routes themselves are suitable for practicing the sport.”

“These routes will be added to the federation’s accomplishments in its endeavor to boost the status of this sport, develop and upgrade it to the level of the most popular sports in the Kingdom. It will make Al-Hareeq governorate a destination for adventurers, those who love to explore new areas and meet challenges,” she added.

Founded in February 2018, the SCHF is the national governing body for all aspects of Rock Climbing and Mountaineering in Saudi Arabia, and operates under the General Sports Authority and the Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee. According to its official site, the federation oversees the development of sustainable competitive and non-competitive climbing activities by providing equipment, policy, education, and venue.

As part of its efforts to open the Kingdom up to tourism, the government of Saudi Arabia has been developing sports and heritage offerings in various key locations across the country such as Al-Akhu Valley and the more renowned Al Ula region, the latter home to some of the most extraordinary landscapes and rock formations in the world.

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