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Everything We Know About Moroccan Model Tilila Oulhaj

With the fashion and beauty industry taking note of inclusivity, theres a new Moroccan model on the scene and she is one that we might be seeing more and more of.

Tilila Oulhaj is 22 years old, and joins the likes of plus sized Arab model Ameni Esseibi, hijabi model, Halima Aden and Ikram Abdi Omar, who are paving the way for diversity within the fashion industry.

With a new spotlight on the Moroccan model in this region, here’s everything we know about her so far…

Where Oulhaj has been the face of international luxury brands at Paris Couture Week, she takes a lot of pride in representing Moroccan designers, as she has been seen modeling for the likes of Scandi-Moroccan accessories label, Bougroug. Speaking about her home country’s fashion industry to local press, she stated, “Modeling and fashion are thriving in Morocco right now. There is unlimited creative potential here and we’re in an environment that’s open to new interpretations of clothing and fashion.”

Tilila was previously a debate teacher and only recently took up modeling full time. Growing up in a town 3 hours away from Marrakech, she has battled gender norms and culture to pursue her dream career in modelling and is fast becoming a recognized face within the Arab region. “I’ve always loved fashion, even at a young age,” she says, “I remember I was about 11 years old and I used to be so excited to read through the magazines my mother would to keep up with the latest caftan trends. I also believe that being Moroccan, fashion and color runs in our blood. I look back at old photographs of my family and realize that they were trendsetters, too.”

Most recently, Talila featured in a major ad campaign for luxury e-tailer, Farfetch’s “Get Together” campaign, which championed diversity and inclusivity as the ad conveyed cool and on trend ways to dress modestly. Inspired by the Middle East, the campaign shone a light on the muses and design talents from the region.

Oulhaj’s inspirations have been the likes of Vivienne Westwood, Maison Margiela and other noteworthy international designers, but prides her own style on creating a fusion between her heritage Moroccan culture and contemporary fashion, as she says, “We’re pushing away from what’s traditional and cliché and moving toward something more authentic and a little bit out there too.”

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