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The Trend: Al Jamila’s Fashion Snapchat Show Dedicated to All Trendy Curious Minds

Al Jamila magazine launched its first unique, distinctive and knowledgeable guide to style through a mini-series on the social media platform, Snapchat. Entitled “The Trend – A New Fashion Guide,” the new show conveys high quality content that has its finger on the global fashion and beauty pulse.

Since the program’s launch in November 2019, the show has amassed 350,000 unique viewers who were then able to generate 2.7 million views. In each episode, the host conveys a detailed guide to fashion and beauty trends that are the must haves of the minute, showing viewers what style buys to invest in from this season to the next. Additionally, the program grabs viewers’ attention by highlighting international fashion weeks, trends and both Arab and global celebrities seen in them, as well as how to wear it and how not to – making for essential viewing.

“The Trend – A New Fashion Guide,” keeps the Arab, and particularly Saudi women, in mind as it delivers international fashion with traditional sensibilities, making it inclusive and relatable to the entire region and beyond.

In accordance, Al Jamila magazine is a publication renowned for specialising in fashion and beauty content, written and produced by experts in fashion, accessories, health, beauty and fitness sectors – just to name a few. The magazine works to keep abreast of the latest in fashion and beauty, offering Arab women inspiration, guidance and knowledge across a number of physical and social topics to empower them to become pioneers in a competitive world. The website attracts more than 3 million viewers worldwide of those interested in particular with Fashion, Beauty, Health, Lifestyle with the majority of female audience 18-30 years old.

Check it out on Snapchat and YouTube:
The Trend Fashion Show on Snapchat
The Trend Fashion Show on Youtube

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