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How Emirates Will Be Celebrating UAE National Day

Emirates Airlines will be looking to make history this UAE National Day by operating a unique flight on November 29th 2019.

At the end of this month, the airline plans to fly an Airbus A380 plane whilst uniting the various cultures and communities that reside in the UAE. This particular journey on the EK209 flight, hopes to see “as many nationalities on board as possible.”

An Emirates representative stated that the Airbus A380 is looking to carry “more than 500 passengers,”will be in the air for around 1.5 hours, and will be decorated with bespoke “Year of Tolerance,” artwork. The images on the plane will show a “panoramic image of people from different cultures and backgrounds holding each other’s’ hands.”

The Emirates rep also mentioned that, “Selection will be carried out via multiple criteria, but passengers need to reside in the UAE in order to qualify. Much like the UAE, which is home to 200 nationalities, Emirates employs over 160 nationalities and draws strength from the diversity and shared values that brings its employees together.”

For a chance to be selected, residents and citizens of the UAE must register by November 19th. The flight that will make history will be taking place before the start of the UAE’s long weekend break to mark National Day.

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