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“Conscious Consumption” Is at the Forefront of This UAE Exhibition

Tashkeel’s latest project, “Conscious Consumption,” is looking at bringing together a collective of experts from all over the UAE, to shine a light on how the country’s creatives are actively using recycled, ethical and sustainable materials in their works.

The 12 designers showing at Tashkeel’s latest exhibition, have been carefully selected to present new ideas and prototypes as they integrate sustainable solutions within their creative projects. The organization’s main objective is to be a platform for the growth and cultivation of modern design and art for UAE based talent.

Some of the designers showing at the mindfully charged exhibition include the likes of Salim Ahmed – a product designer and founder of Salcodesign. Ahmed’s contribution to the exhibition is a design entitled, “Project Night Soil,” and is a model made entirely from a “complete eco-system that reimagines the old practice of recycling human waste as fertiliser and acts as a solution to an environmental and sociological challenge.”

Another participant in Tashkeel’s “Conscious Consumption” project is Mahmoud Abu Ali, who has worked to prove that “climate related energy performances are able to produce new materials, with recycled content to increase the green development of UAE’s construction sector to a certain degree.”

“Conscious Consumption” is important and noteworthy as it allows for designers and viewers to raise awareness, and learn about how to be more environmentally conscious in their approach to daily life. The topic also calls for dialogue about how sustainability should be shaping the future of the world, starting at home in the UAE.

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