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Saudi Women Are About To Join The Kingdom’s Police Force


Emirati Police Officers

Female traffic police officers are set to become the norm on the streets of Saudi Arabia as they take on the roles they’ve undergone rigorous training for. Special offices are being set up in Saudi Arabia in Riyadh, Qasim, Tabuk and Najran, specifically for the female traffic officers by the kingdom’s Public Security authority. These offices will be used solely by policewomen who will be carrying out their roles, "observing the road safety for motorists and pedestrians." Female police officers will be fully equipped with the technology and kit they need to ensure that they are working efficiently and safely.

In the past, women were not permitted to be employed within the police force, and now, in 2019, the kingdom’s workforce in welcoming women into job sectors that were previously reserved for men only. The news of women being able to take up positions within the nation’s police force was announced in 2017, and in 2018, it was announced that they could now apply for positions within the Saudi Arabian army – proving that Vision 2030, implemented by Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman is underway and on course to increase the country’s female employment rates.

Since Saudi Arabia opened its workforce up to female employees, the country has seen the number of Saudi women taking up employment in both the public and private sector has risen by 282% in the first quarter of 2019 alone. In 2019, 440,700 Saudi women took up employment in comparison to 156,000 last year. Pew Research Center revealed that “Saudi Arabia experienced the highest growth rate among G20 countries of women joining the workforce in the past 20 years.”

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