How Riyadh Is Championing Recycling Via These Companies

Saudi Arabia’s reforms are taking strides towards being sustainable and greener – and the capital city of Riyadh has a number of companies who are finding efficient ways to manage waste and encourage recycling. Championing being more environmentally friendly, the Saudi Investment Recycling Company (SIRC) - which acquired Global Environmental Management Services (GEMS), is heading a monumental project that is looking to increase recycling and hit their recycling target of 85% by 2035.

Not the only company to be encouraging sustainability in Saudi Arabia, these are the companies and plants in Riyadh to know about when it comes to where you can recycle your waste.

Recycling Industries

Recycling Industries is a company that prides itself on its expertise in recycling plastic waste. In a bid to encourage being greener, Recycling Industries shreds around 20 tons of plastic every day, then sells the recycled plastic as a raw material to those who wish to make use of it for new products.

The company’s mission statement says, "We aim to play a major role in the recycling community using the most advanced technology with a 100% green footprint, also to raise awareness about the advantages of the recycling concept on both environmental and economical benefit."


Albir Society
This particular recycling company takes furniture and clothes for charity. Albir Society takes all kinds of everyday items including home devices, clothing, and furniture and will also send a team of movers to help collect large household items.

Electric items can also be recycled – as Holoul is a recycling company that will repurpose and reprocess all kinds of “e-waste,” which includes anything that uses battery power or has a plug and wire.

Holoul also prides itself on prioritizing data security, so if you have electronic products that may contain sensitive data, rest assured, the company will destroy it and in front of your eyes if you choose. 


Envac specializes in waste collection system installations at airports, hotels, hospitals, mixed use residential and commercial developments and food markets.

They are supported by a local operations and maintenance team that can respond to any situation within an hour and are the only supplier of pneumatic waste and linen collection systems that is approved by Dubai Municipality, and that has successfully delivered operating systems in Saudi Arabia.

Waste Collection and Recycling Co. (WASCO)
WASCO was first established in 2004, and is a company that recycles plastic, metal, paper and carton waste across Saudi Arabia. The recycled materials are then sold to other businesses that may be able to use them to manufacture ethically produced items.

WASCO’s website states, "All businesses have a legal duty and a corporate social responsibility to provide appropriate arrangements for the disposal of their waste to reduce landfill.”

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