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A Lipstick Lover’s Guide to Choosing the Right Colour

With all those colour choices out there, finding the perfect shade can get baffling.

Lipstick is undoubtedly one of the best mood boosters in our beauty arsenal, making it a make-up staple for most of us, However, whether we’re looking for a vibrant pop of colour or a subtle nude shade that's perfect for the office, it's hard to know where to start looking amongst the sea of products on the market.

If you're feeling a bit stuck, we’ve highlighted some pointers that will help narrow your search:

Complement your skin tone
With the range of shades available out there, it’s easy to create aesthetic harmony between your lipstick and your complexion. For light skin tones, light brown shades with pink or orange undertones are perfect for achieving that extra glow. Lipstick lovers with medium skin tones can enhance their beauty look with dark and light brown lipsticks. Additionally, women with darker complexions can do wonders with deeper shades of red and purple.

Match it with the occasion
There is a perfect time for every shade of lipstick out there; you just have to know when that is. For professional settings, from a day at work to a high-powered meeting, opt for matte lipsticks in flattering light shades. If you need to add a bit of oomph to your daytime look, a few dabs of lip gloss can work wonders. When the sun begins to set, pull out your choice of lipstick, blot and seal with lip gloss for a fabulous night on the town.

Watch it take shape
Your choice of lip colour also depends on the shape of your lips. If you’re aiming to make your lips look smaller, go for darker shades. If you want the opposite effect, use lighter, glossier shades.

Let it complete your ensemble
Don’t think of your make-up as separate from your outfit. Balance your overall image with a lip colour to match your clothes. For a sophisticated, put-together look, choose from contrasting yet complementary colours.

Make it part of your make-up family
Invest in colours that work with the rest of your cosmetics. If you tend to wear a lot of eye make-up, opt for lighter shades from the same colour family. This way, you create a colour balance and avoid unnecessary, over-the-top results.

Try it before you buy it
It’s not enough to like the colour of lipstick you’re buying, so make sure to try it before paying for it. A lipstick may look one way in its case, but once applied to those puckers, it can come out looking completely different. 

Use your hair as a reference point

  • If your hair is red and your complexion is light or dark, add a bit of a bang with cherry red lipstick.
  • If your hair is light in colour and your skin tone medium, fuchsia is a great lip colour choice.
  • If your hair is light in colour and your skin tone light or dark, cherry red is an excellent way to go.
  • If your hair and skin colour are medium or closer to warm tones, play around with orange lip shades.
  • If your hair colour is medium and your skin light or medium, opt for delicious berry-red shades.
  • If your hair is dark and your skin light, create a stunning look with an intense red lipstick.

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