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Saudi Arabia To Begin Job Interviews for Female Notaries This Weekend

In March this year, Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Justice announced the opening of key vacancies for women in Grade-7 Notary Public roles, a first in the Kingdom’s history and part of its ongoing efforts to facilitate judicial services for women, expand their role in the Kingdom’s governmental sector, and ultimately provide equal opportunities for women across all sectors. 

This week, the job interviews for these roles will officially begin, as the Ministry announced earlier this week in an official statement the list of female candidates who are qualified to be interviewed for the available positions. In the statement published on the Ministry’s site, it was explained that the first shortlist of eligible candidates was consolidated following an “employment competition” held between July 30 and August 5.

The interviews this weekend mark another key milestone for women in Saudi Arabia, as it widens their career options and offers them the opportunity to play a bigger role within the legal sector. To date, there over 200 women working at the Ministry of Justice in several departments such as social and legal research, administration, and software development, a phenomenon that has been credited to the country’s aggressive push to achieve its Vision 2030 objectives, part of which include the integration of women into all sectors of society and the improvement of their rights.

Over the last two years, Saudi Arabia has been working on improving the inclusion of women across industries, providing them with more opportunities through various measures, spanning from reforms and decrees to programs. As a result of its efforts, there has been a noticeable surge in the number of women across various sectors, including its Ministry of Justice, which has been working to empower women and integrate them into the justice system as part of a larger nation-wide effort.

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