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This Homegrown Jewellery Brand’s Timeless Pieces Have Stories To Tell

The designer handles every aspect of the jewellery-making process, from concept and design to execution, to ensure the highest quality.

Sumaya Bakkar Collections is one of the fine Jewellery brands that’s on our radar this month. Sumaya Bakkar, the creative whizz behind the eponymous homegrown brand, has come up with a gorgeous autumn/winter collection of inlaid diamond rings, bracelets and necklaces crafted in 18-carat gold.

In one of her designs, Bakkar, who is originally Syrian, has combined grades of sapphire autumn colours with diamonds to form a striking contrast.  Known for her unique, minimalistic and timeless designs, the designer has also used enamel and green peridot on some of the pieces to offer a contemporary collection of elegant and every day jewellery that inspires successful women.

Bakkar aims to create jewellery that becomes an extension of the wearer’s identity, an inherent part of one’s narrative. And the combination of beauty and pleasure-seeking found in the pieces by Sumaya Bakker Collections is a reflection of Bakkar’s love for art and design.

“I have always been deeply inspired by art and culture from my childhood days. I wanted to channel my creative instincts into creating something that is not only visually appealing but that also has a voice. My pieces are straight from the heart where every piece has been specially detailed, cut and carved into perfection,” Bakkar said. 

Whether a ring, bracelet, earring or necklace, each Sumaya Bakker Collections piece is handcrafted and designed in gold alloys and diamonds in the art hub of Dubai, Alserkal Avenue. The jewellery is also built on high quality finishing using angles, lines and geometric designs away from curved shapes to reflect an ambitious, independent and elegant character.

About Sumaya Bakkar
Brought up in a family with a special affinity for art and sciences, it isn’t surprising that SumayaBakkar became a literary enthusiast herself. Bakkar, who wrote poetry and penned her first novel when she was15, specialised in Emotional Intelligence and Personality Development. She also wrote her first book,Psychological Elegance,which was inspired by the belief that attraction and beauty starts from one’s inner self and radiates to the surface. The designer has instilled the same notion into her collection.

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