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Here’s How Your Choice of Lipstick Colour Can Make All the Difference

The lipstick colour you choose says a lot.

It isn’t a big secret, that little wand of colour many of us carry around is a magical one indeed. A few swipes of a certain shade, sealed with a fabulous lip gloss, and there’s an instant transformation. You can be a bold you, a sophisticated you, a glitzy you or a playful you, all with the right lipstick. Let’s take a look at a few of the most popular shades to see what each one reflects.

Timeless Red

This classic says old Hollywood glamour like no other colour. Iconic, powerful and captivating, it is the ideal shade for the individual who wants her presence to be known, as well as one who is going for an elegant, desirable and distinctive look.

Hot Pink

Simmer on the streets and stand out from the crowd, this colour is perfect if you’re going for that element of surprise. Definitely taking a bit of courage to pull off, hot pink is for the adventurous girl, a bold, flirty and passionate spirit who likes to take initiative on both emotional and practical levels.

The Nude

Neutral shades, also known as nude lipsticks, are for the woman who has that unique, subtle sexiness. Nude lipsticks are perfect when aiming for that natural look, as they are very close to skin colour. They also work well with dramatic or dark eye make-up. However, if worn wrong, neutral colours can make you look cold and lifeless.

Deep Purple

This is the colour of difference. It reflects a coolheaded woman who is not afraid to take risks and challenge others. Plus, it suggests a mysterious and attractive personality, one that will have many coming back for more trying to uncover the secrets that lurk within. 

Bright Orange

If you want to come off as wild, confident, playful and the life of any party, this is the perfect shade for you. A favourite amongst younger women, this colour is very hard to pull off and is best avoided for the mature woman who wants that natural look.

Metallic Shades

For those who take themselves lightly, metallic shades are the perfect way to highlight a playful indifference. Far from the innocentgirl image, this tone is for the ambitious woman, who asserts her presence wherever she is, and isn’t afraid to step on a few toes on her way to achieving success.

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