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The Education 2019 Photo Contest: Celebrating the Importance of Learning

By highlighting the different studying conditions around the world, the competition shows just how important learning is.

Photographers from every corner of the world highlighted the importance of education and learning in their unique way with their images for the Education 2019 Photo Contest. Nearly 20,000 photos marking the increase of people going to school over the last 150 years were submitted to the contest run by Agora, a free-to-use photo app.

Members of the Agora community have selected the top 50 finalists, and their eye-catching photos beautifully demonstrate the value and joy of learning. From a Pakistani child looking joyful while roaming in the rain with a book in his hand to young monks in Myanmar reading together and bright Tanzanian uniforms, the pictures speak for themselves. Plus, there are stunning photos that show learning is an ongoing journey, including one of an elderly Indonesian man broadening his horizons and others of older people passing their knowledge on to youngsters, whether it’s about the holy Qur’an, art or music. 

A guest judge will pick the overall winner, who will be named the Education 2019 Hero. The $1,000 prize includes a $500 donation to a charity chosen by the winner.

“Attending school helps us learn who we are, what we believe in and what role we play in the world,” Agora shared in a statement. “This sense of self is essential for personal growth. Furthermore, going to school not only has an impact on the future of children, but on the future of their families, friends and communities. As more children are educated, the world becomes a brighter place.”

Education should be a fundamental right for everyone,regardless of age and background, and thankfully the figures show great strides have been made. According to the World Bank, it’s estimated the average length of schooling will extend 10 years by 2050. However, while access to education has more than quintupled over the last 150 years, there’s still more to be done so that everyone can benefit and have the chance of a brighter future.

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