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3 Saudi Artists Team Up with Purificacion Garcia for Project Supporting Regional Talent

The artists known for their empowering work created some beautiful artwork for the exciting 'Thinker Program.'

For the second edition of the Thinker Program, Purificacion Garcia reached out to three female artists from Saudi Arabia known for their empowering work. While joining forces with the Spanish brand, Huda Beydoun, Mawadah Muhtasib and Nawal AlKhalaw iinterpreted its iconic bags, known for their colour, minimalism, geometry, functionality and creativity, through their own unique lens. The emerging artists involved in the initiative that aims to cultivate the region’s creative community have been inspiring women around the world to pursue their dreams through their work.

Here’s what you need to know about the artists and how they got inspired for the project:

Mawadah Muhtasib

An artist based in Jeddah, Mawadah Muhtasib creates her own calligraffiti typeface, a beautiful type of calligraphy thanks to the lines and forms of the Arabic letters that merge together. Through her art, Muhtasib incorporated a text promoting female empowerment.

She believes that through their life cycle women go through different stages and face diverse challenges that give them the ability to continuously evolve and grow. The calligrapher got inspired by the fluid and interchanging geometric shapes of Purificacion Garcia’s Oribag for her beautiful piece of art. 

Nawal Al-Khalawi

Nawal AlKhalawi’s passion for food started from youth. The Gastronomy Nutritional Consultant and a Holistic Health Coach from Jeddah was inspired to create her own blog to coach and consult, and her expertise on health awareness has been inspiring her fans daily.

AlKhalawi, who has a passion for gastronomy and likes to communicate messages through her creations, believes humans in their natural form are at their best. Inspired by Purificacion Garcia’sTandem bag and the brand’s special values ​​of simplicity, purity and functionality, she expressed her art by displaying cubes of fresh and colourful products symbolising diversity in mankind on six platforms, indicating truth and transparency.

Huda Beydoun

A multidisciplinary artist based in Jeddah, Huda Beydoun started as a visual artist and now works as a creative director, fashion photographer and most importantly a painter.

The art created she created for this project is inspired by all the aspects of the Origami bag. As soon as Beydoun saw the design, texture and elegance of the bag, she felt impelled to produce something different to her usual work and created an amazing painting with geometrical forms.

The impressive artworks were displayed at an exclusive exhibition held in Riyadh’s Naila Art Gallery, where guests were able to meet the three artists. Additionally, creative director, photographer and videographer Manal Al Kholidan shot a few behind-the-scenes images as well as a short video featuring the three artists explaining how female empowerment and Purificacion Garcia’s bags inspired them to create their amazing pieces of art.

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