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2 Desserts To Honour Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Enjoying a mouth-watering dessert to raise breast cancer awareness, now that’s what we call a win-win situation.

It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month with plenty of ways to show your support for the cause, and that even includes revelling in a delicious pink dessert. These delightful treats are the perfect guilt-free way for all you UAE residents to indulge your cravings this month since you know you’re getting the word out there one bite at a time. They’re sweet servings of hope, determination and strength that make you heave a sated sigh of contentment.

Shababeek’s ‘Pink Pavlova’

Contemporary Lebanese restaurant Shababeek is serving Pink Pavlova throughout the month of October. The eatery in the heart of Sharjah will be donating all proceeds of the dessert to raise awareness for breast cancer. To help make it happen, Shababeek is working in collaboration with Pink Caravan, a Pan UAE breast cancer initiative that fights to improve the lives of people affected by cancer.

After enjoying some dishes on celebrity chef Maroun Chedid’s menu, the next natural step is to satisfy your sweet tooth with the Pink Pavlova. The homemade meringue-based dessert features a delicate crisp crust and is soft from the inside and filled and topped with whipped cream. With fresh strawberries and pistachio nuts as the final touch, what’s not to love about this dessert that’s been created for a good cause?

Angelina’s ‘Pink Tart’

Angelina Paris has launched the delicious and beautiful Pink Tart just for the month of October to help create breast cancer awareness. The spectacular homemade dessert, which can be found in the Parisian café’s The Dubai Mall and Zero6 Mall branches, has a light and crunchy tart base and is topped with creamy white chocolate, delicate cream and strawberry-flavoured pink pearls. The joy of biting into the sweet treat that delightfully surprises the taste buds doubles when you know you’re helping battle a disease that’s affecting so many sisters. 

To complement the Pink Tart, as well as the other four new tart flavours, the experts at Angelina advise ordering the famous L’Africain Hot Chocolate, composed of three carefully selected kinds of African cacao from Niger, Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire.

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