Arab Fashion Week 2019: Sophia Nubes Showcases Collection Inspired by Her Battle Against Breast Cancer

Megan Pormer walked the runway as the face of the line and an ambassador for the fight against breast cancer.

Sophia Nubes recently added a touch of that renowned sophisticated Italian style to Arab Fashion Week,held at 1422, the designer platform at City Walk Dubai. And as the brand unveiled its unique Nubes SPA line during a spectacular catwalk show, it became clear the design elements of the new collection were inspired by Elena Pioli’s battle against breast cancer.

The designer and CEO of Sophia Nubes has been fighting against breast cancer for a while now, and she explained how this motivated her while creating the pieces.

“The creations derive from the passion for creating something beautiful and simple with the highest quality. This design focus drives the brand aesthetic and can be seen throughout the collection. Each piece is designed with sleekness and wearability in mind. Furthermore, my fight against cancer has inspired me to delve deeper into the design philosophy. Even when I am exhausted, and especially in those moments, I try with all my strength to imagine a new trend, to create a new dress, to try and understand what is missing and what happens to women today,” she said. Pioli also explained she believes a woman who wears Nubes SPA loves to be super comfortable, yet aims to always exude elegance. The designer, who works with Martina Bavaro and Gianluca Persia, also said the Nubes SPA woman is hardworking with a youthful and vibrant spirit.

VIPs and top fashionistas from the Middle East and other parts of the world looked on as the new collection from the lively and sporty line was showcased. Technical materials, commonly used in sportswear, were spotted on traditional looks inclusive but not limited to suits, soft natural fibre T-shirts and wearable yet vibrant dresses in vibrant block-coloured hues. The show, with styling curated by Giuseppe Dicecca, also featured a first-time collaboration with blogger Chiara Biasi, who partnered with Sophia Nubes to showcase her new shoe line.

The chic, modern designs of the Nubes SPA line demonstrated the real meaning of “Made in Italy” and inscribed Italian craftsmanship within the brand’s DNA.

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