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Paris Is Set To Host an Exhibition Showcasing Saudi Arabia’s Most Beautiful Site

Saudi Arabia’s historic Al Ula governorate has caught the world’s attention for some of its most stunning landscapes and elephant rock, and is fast becoming a tourist hotspot. France’s capital city of Paris will be inaugurating an exhibition at the Institut du Monde Arabe (IMA), entitled Al Ula: Wonder of Arabia, and is set to be the world’s first major presentation paying tribute to this specific Saudi City.

The show will run until January 19th 2020, and will invite visitors to take a look at the history of the Saudi Arabian city of Al Ula, its natural landscapes and traditional architecture. Situated across two floors of the IMA museum, the exhibition is divided into 4 different areas that explore the features of the multifaceted city.

Al Ula is a city situated in the northwest region of Saudi Arabia in a desert, and hosts the country’s first ever UNESCO World Heritage Site, Maidan Saleh. Arab News have described the city as an "archaeological marvel — boasting golden sandstone canyons, colossal arches, and rock formations." With such a deep rooted history, Al Ula has housed a number of ancient civilizations and tribes that date back to around 7,000 years, including the Roman and Ottoman civilizations.

One of the kingdom’s most treasured cities, it is set to get busier as Saudi Arabia has now decided to invite international tourists to enjoy Saudi heritage and culture. Not only is there a spotlight on Al Ula for its incredible history, but the country will now annually host the Winter in Tantora festival, as it did earlier this year where a number of international and local celebrities and talents performed as part of the event, including, Lang Lang, Majida El Rumi and Andrea Bocelli.

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