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Abeer Nehme’s Exquisite and Unique Talent Rings Through on New, Intimate Album

'Hikayi' highlights how music will always be the Lebanese crossover singer’s story.

Abeer Nehme, who is known as “The All-Styles Specialist” for being able to perform diverse repertoires, has dropped a new album. And the Lebanese singer, composer, and musicologist’s new release could be described as her most intimate yet.

Touching on heartbreak, love, pain, nostalgia, places, stories and dreams, Hikayi is a personal journey through the artist’s life, one song at a time. Her debut full length album with Universal Music is composed of eight tracks, which reveal her deepest sentiments and desires, like how she still can’t help but get emotional singing some of her verses and how she finds beauty and inspiration in her daily surroundings.

The album features three of her hit songs, Waynak, Talfantelak and Wada’t El Layl, and brings us different melodies with classical-pop and neo-Indie sounds. Each song offers a different mood; from fast paced beats to an intense cello and piano rhythms.

Abir and her family

With contributions from composers like Marwan Khoury, Bilal El Zein, Elie Nehme, Wissam Keyrouz, Charbel Rouhana, Julio Eid and George Nehme, the album carries a timeless weight to it, which caters to all ages and tastes. Plus, some of the lyrics by Tania Saleh, Germanos Germanos, Mounir Bou Assaf and Ghassan Matar provide even more special touches. 

“Hikayi would have not been completed without all who joined me on this personal and artistic journey; composers and writers, orchestra-tors, sound technicians, musicians, and of course, my team, my friends, and above all my family and my precious fans,” Nehme, who earned a bachelor's degree with the highest grade ever in Oriental Singing from Lebanon’s Université Saint-Esprit de Kaslik, said.

Nehme, who worked with the multi-talented Firas Safa (Firax) on the official music video for Hikayi, the album title track, has performed with major superstars. The 39-year-old, who has a repertoire ranging from sacred music, including Syriac-Aramaic and Greek Byzantine, to traditional Middle Eastern music, opera and contemporary western music, has also performed as a soloist, accompanied by various international philharmonic orchestras. She is considered to be the first singer from the region, and one of the few worldwide, to sing in over 25 languages.

You can listen to the full album here:

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