The Women in Leadership Economic Forum by Naseba: A Platform to Reveal Prospects for Building Inclusive Economies

The forum is assembling international leaders who are pioneering new possibilities in their fields to positively impact and promote a gender inclusive economy under one roof.

The largest female economic empowerment platform in the Middle East is set to take place in Dubai on October 28 and 29. The 21st edition of Women in Leadership Economic Forum (WIL) by Naseba will gather senior male and female executives who want to shape the economies and societies of tomorrow to ‘Dare to Build a Better Future.’  Those meeting at the soon-to-be opened Address Sky View Hotel Dubai are also interested in leading times of constant change with vision and courage, building a community of game changers and learning from organisations that are closing the gender gap.

According to industry reports, gender empowerment means higher growth, a reduction in inequality, an improvement in the strength of the economy and a more diversified work force. It has been established that more women in the workplace could boost the economy by up to 35 percent. 

"Change is rippling through business and social spheres. However, only when talk turns to action, will we see a level playing field once and for all,” Sophie Le Ray, CEO of Naseba, said. “In addition to support the development of gender equity in society, WIL Forum is a platform for people and organisations with bold ideas, vision for progress, in a post #metoo era where the gender divide discussion has finally made it to the boardroom,” the head of the company that creates growth opportunities and connects people, partners and ideas added

The forum, which is co-hosted by Emaar Hospitality and supported by partners like Siemens, FedEx and General Motors, will bring to the fore plenary discussions debating game- changing mega trends. The dialogues include the future of the workforce, AI and gender bias, migration and education as an inclusion tool. There will also be highly interactive breakout sessions giving practical takeaways and toolkits to the audience on a variety of topics such as: managing a corporate career, connecting and building an effective network. 

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