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Saudi Arabian Head of Muslim World League Called for Tolerance at Opening of New Islamic Center in France

During the inauguration of the French Institute of Islamic Civilization in Lyon, which is being reported to be the largest of its kind in France, the head of the Muslim World League (MWL), Sheikh Dr. Mohammed bin Abdulkarim Al-Issa, took the opportunity to share a message promoting religious and cultural tolerance. The League’s official website states that in attendance were the French Minister of Interior Christophe Castaner, IFCM Lyon President, the Mayor of Lyon Gerard Collomb, and the President of the Lyon Metropolis.

Speaking at the opening of the center, which is said to comprise multiple floors, a large conference hall, and set up to offer courses in Islamic civilization, Dr. Mohammad Al-Issa stressed on the “importance of dialogue and cultural exchange in breaking down barriers and fighting extremism,” quoted by Arab News as saying, “With the civilized transcendence of Islam, there is a need to respect the constitutions and regulations of the countries in which we reside.” He also took the opportunity warn “of the dangers of political groups that used religion as a cover to achieve authoritarian goals, especially through the use of disinformation to recruit young people.”

Established in 1962, the MWL is an international non-governmental Islamic organization based in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Its website states that the organization aims to “present the true Islam and its tolerant principles, provide humanitarian aid, extend bridges of dialogue and cooperation with all, engage in positive openness to all cultures and civilizations, follow the path of centrism and moderation to realize the message of Islam and ward off movements calling for extremism, violence and exclusion for a world full of peace, justice and coexistence.”

As part of its many initiatives to encourage tolerance in Islam, the League published in May of this year a document highlighting 29 different Islamic principles accompanied with instructions of tolerance and equality while speaking against hate preachers and any sect considering the other “inferior”.

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