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Adriana Iglesias: Mediterranean-Inspired Designs That Perfectly Suit the Middle East

Flowing silhouettes, luxurious silks and punchy colours make Adriana Iglesias’s SS17 collection the perfect choice for lounging around Arabian shores this season.

All of Spanish luxury clothing designer Adriana Iglesias’s collections hint at her personal life, and it turns out two of her greatest passions are the Mediterranean Sea and travel. So it’s not surprising to see her spring/summer collection is inspired by famous celebrities holidaying in the French Riviera during the 1970s.    

As Iglesias uses silk, a material that can easily be worn in hot temperatures, as a core fabric, her pieces are ideal for a GCC summer. What’s more, the pyjama-style silhouettes and beautifully draped gowns and separates with their bold colours and exotic prints also meld in with the region’s ambiance.

Iglesias, who left her career in Telecommunications Engineering behind to follow her dream, talks about her latest offerings, Arab women’s style choices and modest wear. 

Your designs are described as sensual yet comfortable. Can you give us a couple more words that best define them?
Effortless, elegant, sophisticated and feminine.

You’re originally from Spain, so which parts of your home country are mostly reflected in your designs?
Yes, of course I am definitely inspired by my Spanish origins, but also more than Spain, in my case it is the Mediterranean... All of my life I have felt huge emotions when I am by the sea. The immensity makes the rest all become so small in perspective… that gives me peace. It transports me to different cultures, people and inspiration. I breathe the Mediterranean from every pore of my skin and all my collections reflect my travels and personal life. Most of my prints in my designs are inspired by this focus on the Mediterranean Sea. It inspires me, and when I design I feel I am giving my women a part of that Mediterranean spirit and strength.

Adriana Iglesias ' Nicole dress turqoise', 'Cannes Coat', 'Luxury Deborah Kaftan',and 'Jane Dress White'

As you love to travel a lot too, is your SS17 collection inspired by one or some of your adventures?
Yes, this is true, I do love to travel! For this spring/ summer, I was inspired by my travels to the South of France and the film “La Piscine.” When designing, I channelled 70s heritage and aesthetic, keeping in mind esteemed icons such as Jane Birkin and Romy Schneider, that reaffirms the embodiment of natural fluidity and also those summer stays at the Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc in the stunning South of France.

High-end fabrics are a crucial part of your design ethos. Tell us about the materials you’ve used in the collection.
Luxurious silk is always at the core of my collections. This season, bright coloured, floral printed silk jacquard is intertwined with a pure optical white cotton brocade line. I like to use a mix of materials to enhance the variety of silhouettes and motifs.

Adriana Iglesias 'Hudson Pants', 'Freemonth Short' and 'Jammies Roc Pants pink'

What do you admire about the way Arab women dress?
Arabic women are very stylish; you’ll find more traditional dressers, to young, trendy dressers and classic dressers. They are in love with fashion and understand the power of good presentation. Arab women appreciate and support not only local brands, but also international fashion and it is great to see the Adriana Iglesias brand becoming so popular within the region.

Ramadan is on the horizon and lots of international designers are coming up with capsule collections. Has it ever crossed your mind?
Yes, of course, actually this is something the brand is working on as we have already had requests for this. The Adriana Iglesias brand conveys an easy and natural aesthetic and many of the collections comprise of long kaftans and floor length dresses. I always say I design what I would wear, and I love the gorgeous tunic/kaftan pieces that women in the region wear with elegance. So it would be an honour for us to expand the brand further by working on a Ramadan collection.

Adriana Iglesias 'Paulina Maxi Dress', Mermaid Yellow dress', 'Paulina Maxi Turqoise Dress' and 'Vermont top with Long Island Skirt'

Do you have any tips on how to style modest wear as the temperatures start to rise?
A tip that I would give is to be confident and daring with the choice of colours and prints that you wear. Modest pieces don’t have to be simple and understated; they can be bright coloured and boldly printed and still act as a form of expression. I also think that accessorising is key, a beautiful bag or pair of shoes can make any outfit stand out.

Adriana Iglesias is now available at Aïshti.

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