The Best Instagram Posts Celebrating National Day 2019 from Saudi's Burgeoning Creative Circle

Whether style experts, social media influencers or designers, these creative Saudis got ultra-imaginative while posting their heartfelt National Day messages on Instagram.

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Saudis had so many exciting reasons to celebrate their 89th National Day on September 23. And as people came together, whether while watching the fireworks, parades, cultural shows and concerts, it was a truly joyous occasion. If you were too busy enjoying the festivities and haven’t managed to catch up scrolling through your feed, we’ve rounded up some of the best patriotic Instagram posts from creative Saudi A-listers.

Dressed in a gorgeous green dress, Alanoud Badr, fashion consultant and Founder of Lady Fozaza said, “So proud of all the amazing things happening in my country and can’t wait for the rest of the world to experience all this beautiful change.” Meanwhile, another patriotic fashion lover, Hala Al Harithy, who was one of the nation’s first fashion stylists and consultants, modelled a very special abaya by Nouf Alsudairi. The in-demand abaya designer also showed her love for the Kingdom with a special message. A second recognised designer, Nora Al Shaikh, who has been inspired by her heritage since she launched her namesake brand in 2012, also added to the stream of loyal messages.

Plus, raven haired It Girl and Instagram star Hala Abdallah managed to look glamorous while wrapping herself in a flag. Talking of social media A-listers, Abeer Sinder, the nation’s first black beauty vlogger to leave her mark on the Saudi beauty industry, wrote a poignant note. Meanwhile, Jeddah-based beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger Lama Al Akeel showed us how to beautifully layer necklaces. And Noujoud Al Rumaihi, the marketing specialist who rose to fame as a fashion and lifestyle blogger, also showed her affection and appreciation towards her country.

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Alanoud Badr

Hala Abdallah


Aram Kabani 

Abeer Sinder  

Hala Al Harithy


Feeling very with my special abaya from @alsudairinouf انتي ما مثلك بهالدنيا بلد

Une publication partagée par هلا الحارثي (@hala_alharithy) le

Lama Al Akeel


روحي وما ملكت يداي فداه وطني الحبيب وهل أحب سواه

Une publication partagée par Lama Alakeel لما العقيل (@lama.alakeel) le

Nojoud Al Rumaihi

Nora Al Shaikh  


احبك يا وطني

Une publication partagée par نوره آل الشيخ (@noraalshaikh_official) le

Nouf Alsudairi  

Ghalia Mahmoudi 

Njoud Al Shammari   

Sausan AlKadi 


تعرفت على مروه من اكثر ١٢ سنه في مدينة هيوستن في ولاية تكساس عن طريق وحده من صديقاتي. مرت السنين و كلنا انقبلنا في منحة الملك عبدالله رحمه الله و نقلنا لوس انجلس عشان نكمل ماجستير ، انا درست مجاستير اداره اعمال و قيادة و مروه درست ماجستير هندسة كهرباء. عشنا مع بعض في الغربه، في الحلوه و المره. و بعد سنين رجعنا للسعودية مع الرغم ان توفرت لنا الفرص الوظيفيه في امريكا، رجعنا عشان نخدم بلدنا بكل الطاقه اللي عندنا لانه اقل شي نقدر نسويه لوطنا كل عام و وطني و شعبي بالف خير ! و ربي يديم الامن و الامان علينا دايم

Une publication partagée par Sausan AlKadi سوسن القاضي (@stylemesausan) le

Noha Sindi

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