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Nip & Tuck: Meets Surgeon to the Stars, Dr. Andrew Ordon

Dr. Andrew Ordon is an established specialist in Hollywood, both on and off screen as he is also the co-host of popular American TV show, The Doctors, on which he gives his expertise on cosmetic procedures and medical knowledge. Specializing in head and neck surgery, reconstructive surgery and more, Dr. Ordon is best known for his cosmetic procedures, including his "O" LIFT facelift, nasal surgery and breast and body contouring to name just a few.

Now, more than ever, getting a cosmetic procedures is as easy and as normal as going for a regular mani and pedi at your local salon. With the celebrity and social media world constantly conveying a current and desired beauty ideal, it doesn’t come as any surprise that there is an increasing demand for perfect procedures by the world’s most acclaimed doctors – especially in the Middle East.

Enhancing your natural beauty, whether you undergo surgery or simply pop in to top up fillers can be risky business in the wrong hands, which is why Dr Andrew Ordon and his team have opened a new clinic in the heart of Dubai. The Beverley Hills Sunset Surgery Center (BHSSC) has opened at Dubai’s Valiant Clinic, City Walk, and is the one place that offers up the most desired procedures, from facials, to body contouring, with a view to enhance your natural beauty. Since cosmetic surgery is a hot topic amongst beauty enthusiasts, caught up with Dr. Ordon himself to talk about all things beauty, natural and otherwise.

You're a pretty well-known surgeon in the US, but can you let the folks here in the UAE know a little bit about your specializations?
As both a trained Plastic Surgeon and Head and Neck Surgeon, I do the full scope of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive procedures on the face and body, and offer these to my patients in Dubai. I am best known for my "O" LIFT facelift, direct lip lift, nasal surgery and breast and body contouring.

You have a residency at BHSSCI, what sets your clinic aside from others in Dubai?
I can honestly say that BHSSCI is truly one of the outstanding clinics for Plastic Surgery, not only in Dubai, but the world. It is all new, luxurious, with all the latest in technology, safety features, and an elite team of doctors and health care professionals. It is a comprehensive clinic that is unique in that we offer overnight recovery, monitoring and pain control. The other centers don't come close to our level of detail and sophistication.

In terms of fees, you GET what you are paying for. You top surgeons in a world class facility. We have a range of fees depending on the time and amount of surgery. Most expensive is extensive longer procedures like a complete facial rejuvenation, or when we combine multiple procedures.

Having practiced in the Middle East, what procedure would you say is the most sought after by the clientele in this region?
Everything is currently popular in Cosmetic Surgery! Most popular procedures are natural facial rejuvenation procedures, high definition lipostructuring with creating curvy body shapes. Natural and proportioned noses, chins, necks, breasts and lips.

Do cosmetic trends differ between your clientele in the Middle East vs the west or is there a particular aesthetic that is the most desired across the board?
There is no end in sight with new options and techniques in Plastic Surgery. Women all over the world want the same thing. America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East all are seeking stylish, natural beauty features.


@drandrewordon LOVES Dubai and he's excited to be back soon! ⁣ ⁣ Learn more about how Dr. Ordon and @dr.matlock started BHSSCI Clinic in City Walk and how they bring an elite team of surgeons to this luxurious medical facility every month. ⁣ ⁣ BHSSCI Clinic offers the best care, treatments, and procedures available in Dubai. Learn more: ⁣ ⁣ Dr. Ordon will be back in Dubai October 28th-November 2nd. ⁣ Schedule a consultation today! +971-438-72121⁣ ✉️[email protected]⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ #PlasticSurgery #BHSSCI #CosmeticSurgery #TheDoctors #Dubai #DubaiLife #DubaiFashion #UAE #DubaiPlasticSurgery #MyDubaiLife #DubaiStyle #beverlyhills #dubailuxury #citywalk #valiantclinic #burjkhalifa #dubaimall #meraas #thedoctors #famous #plasticsurgeon #dubaibeauty #dubaidoctors #international #uae #thedubaimall

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What would you say is the biggest cosmetic surgery trend this year?
Trend is going SMALLER. People still want butt, breast and lip enhancement, but not as big and exaggerated. People realize it was too much and not natural. Non-invasive minimally invasive, fillers, volume, thread lifting, and combination procedures are all trending.

What are the things people should consider before going ahead with a cosmetic procedure?
If considering surgery, do your homework. Understand the options. Be comfortable with the surgeon and clinic. And get yourself in the best possible health and weight.

As a surgeon who is more or less responsible for creating someone's dream visage or body, do you have a perception of beauty that you deem to be "perfect"?
In my opinion, beauty starts from within. It’s subjective, we all have a different perception of what is pleasing to the eye. But if someone is comfortable in their skin, it radiates as beauty.

Who is the ideal candidate for a cosmetic procedure?
An ideal plastic surgery candidate is healthy, has reasonable expectations and goals, is doing it for themselves and wants natural proportionate results.

What, about your patients, do you analyze prior to carrying out any procedure?
Yes, as a Plastic Surgeon, I have a trained and experienced eye in judging proportions and features. I look for balance and beauty, in each individual.


90210's famous doctors, Dr. Andrew Ordon & Dr. David Matlock, will be back in Dubai at BHSSCI in September! ⁣ ⁣ Dr. Matlock specializes in Female Intimate Cosmetic Surgery and has pioneered many of his own procedures such as Laser Intimate Rejuvenation® and Designer Laser Vaginoplasty®. Dr. Matlock will be available September 8th-12th.⁣ ⁣ Dr. Ordon, while he isn't hosting The Doctors, specializes in vaser liposculpturing, facelift, rhinoplasty, breast surgery, tummy tuck, mommy makeovers, and arm and thigh lifts. Dr. Ordon will be available September 2nd-9th. ⁣ ⁣ Schedule a consultations today!⁣ +971-438-72121⁣ ✉️[email protected]⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ ⁣ #PlasticSurgery #BHSSCI #CosmeticSurgery #TheDoctors #Dubai #DubaiLife #DubaiFashion #UAE #DubaiPlasticSurgery #MyDubaiLife #DubaiStyle #beverlyhills #dubailuxury #citywalk #valiantclinic #burjkhalifa #dubaimall #meraas #thedoctors #famous #plasticsurgeon #dubaibeauty #dubaidoctors #international #uae #thedubaimall

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How do you think social media impacts or influences people to consider cosmetic surgery?
Studies validate that social media is driving our business in a HUGE WAY. People are taking more photos and documenting their lives 24/7. People want to look their best, like the way they look morphed and want to change features they don't like.

Do you think that Kylie Jenner having had cosmetic procedures in her late teens has triggered an increase in young people seeking out cosmetic surgery/fillers? Do you think that there’s a "right age" to undergo such procedures?
Kylie Jenner is proof this is true; beauty and aesthetic markets are off the charts and only growing worldwide. In general, patients for plastic surgery should be at least 18, so they can make an informed decision. But certain procedures are being done in the teens such as noses, ears and breasts. If you have something that bothers you, and YOU want to do it for yourself, any time is appropriate.

What top 5 tips can you share with our readers on maintaining a youthful appearance for as long as possible, in a non-invasive way?
1. Keep it ethical.
2. Keep it natural.
3. Make sure you’re happy.
4. Know when to say no.
5. Wear sunscreen! 

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