How Art Was Celebrated on Saudi National Day This Year

Saudi Arabia’s art scene has been growing for quite some time and as the country is undergoing progressive change, there has been an increase in Saudi artists emerging and gaining recognition both locally and internationally. Attributing these liberating reforms to Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman and his Vision 2030 plans, a number of Saudi artists paid tribute to King Salman and the crown prince for allowing them to share their art.

An event, Arbab Al Heraf, which is also a platform for artists across the board, hosted its 3rd Saudi National Day show this year, where singers, painters, musicians amongst others, conveyed their artistic talents. The founder of the platform, Abdullah Al Hodaif spoke about the significance of Saudi National Day for the kingdom’s arts scene this year, “We have witnessed that all sectors and divisions, private or governmental, are celebrating. I noticed people are celebrating national day in their houses. I believe this is because of the changes that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman brought to the youth. Saudi Vision 2030 touched the souls of the youth, and their happiness reflects the effects of all the changes that occurred,” he told Arab News.

Al Hodaif also added, “Before the changes, we were very cautious about presenting anything that might conflict with the Kingdom’s vision, but now, it seems the Kingdom’s vision has been created for what we want to present. It supports better quality life, opening up to the world, forgiveness, and we at Arbab Al-Heraf present these values. Our country is very productive and artistic, and our people are intelligent.”

Many artists who were present at the event lauded the rulers of Saudi Arabia for the latest in social reforms when it comes to music, including Sara Al Sibaee, a student and singer who now no longer needs to travel too far from home to enjoy a concert, “Through allowing concerts, it encouraged many talents to surface. Aspiring singers used to think they had to travel to Lebanon or Dubai to be heard. Now, there are many talents with beautiful voices. I used to think the same myself when I was younger. Now the door is open and there are many opportunities.”

Also speaking to Arab News, an artist at Arbab Al Heraf, Farah Al-Ghanmni, added, “Art is a means to express many emotions, and for this occasion, love and loyalty for the country. It’s a silent expression, colors speak for these emotions. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman granted artists many opportunities to participate in events, and painting has contributed greatly through the General Entertainment Authority.

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