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23 Homegrown Saudi-Arabian Brands To Revel This National Day

In honor of the Saudi Arabian National Day which is on the 23rd of September, we are giving recognition to 23 Saudi homegrown brand that have made the country proud and shone its name around the world. We’re talking fashion designers, jewellery creators, handbag innovators, and shoe makers, click through to find out the must-know Saudi Arabian homegrown brands this year.

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1. The Nou Project

The Nou Project is a collection of sneakers adorned with thought-provoking and edgy artwork. What makes them even more unique is that they’re unisex, and as their co-founder Saudi Nour Al-Tammimi said, “I wanted to cater to sneaker-heads and art collector.”  With her knowledge of art and the artists to know about, she featured pop and street art on her first collection and they were an instant hit. Making a statement, Nour featured work by artist James Rawson, whose work touches on social issues such as global inequality and excessive consumption.

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2. Ashi Studio

A celebrity-favorited, Saudi-born Mohammad Ashi is the man leading the soon-to-be inconic Ashi Studio. The brand is famed for show-stopping glamour and elegance, as well as unforgettable looks, such as Beyonce’s pink dress that she wore at the Global Citizen Festival Mandela 100 and Cardi B’s outfit for her music video Money.

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3. Honayda

Perhaps one of the most famous looks by this Saudi Arabian brand is when Lupita Nyong’o slayed the red carpet wearing the HONAYDA white cut-out suit along with fierce war paint. Honayda narrates the story of an emboldened female that rejoices in her femininity and supremacy. The designs are sleek, elegant, and known to make heads turn, and the brand is very versatile that you’ll find kaftans and abayas, alongside daring wear.

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This Saudi Arabian brand boast of many different branches, but today we’ve got our eyes on the jewellery department. The Feroza collection that was released this year is stunning, and speak to the woman on the go. With designs that cater to work and play, while keeping in touch with the latest trends and style, SAJAS is a brand worth being on everyone’s radar this year.

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5. Yousef Akbar

Though this brand hasn’t been around that much, but it has reached quite an acceptable level of celebrity name dropping rights. Kelly Roland, Chrissy Teigen, Bella Thorne, Lex Scott Davis, and Cara Santana have donned his designs on the red carpets and in A-list celebrity parties. Risqué draping, glam silhouettes, and industrial-themed detailing are the main motifs in his stunning creations.

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6. Abadia

Marrying Saudi Arabian traditional artistry and modern silhouettes, Abadia seems to be on everyone’s mouth this year. Yes, the brand does have stunning shapes and designs, but they also are helping preserve Saudi craftsmanship. Infused with cultural pride, Abadia’s pieces are a long-term investment that you can treasure for years to come, and even pass on to your kids and grandkids. Environmental responsibility is also on their agenda, as a lot of the fabrics they use are deadstock, and upcycled jewellery.

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7. Arwa Al Banawi

Arwa Al Banawi takes inspiration from diverse sources to create unique and complete pieces. The brand often beautifully merges heritage and modernism, drawing stimulus from the recent empowerment movements by women across the globe, particularly Saudi Arabia, as well as the region's rich Bedouin history. The ultimate cool-girl uniform, this brand hopes to stand for the new ear, where “Saudi women would sow the world what we’re made up of.”

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RE:UNITE by Noura Al Harithi is a prevailing fashion brand that fashions stylish contemporary women’s wear with a prominence on formal wear. Jeddah-born RE:UNITE wants to reinvent formal wear for women, making it more contemporary, comfortable, and timeless. The brand is all about high-quality material, details, and tailoring, from jackets and coats, to trousers and dresses. RE:UNITE includes well-curated lines such as “The Uniform of Femininity” and “Roots,” which is heavily inspired by the designer’s Saudi Arabian roots.

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9. Hanuxe

Ultimate luxe and extravagance flow from this Saudi Arabian handbag brand by Saudi designer Hanan Aljabr. Her main objective for this brand is to merge Arabian lavishness with pragmatism. How? Her bags feel like heaven in terms of artisanry, material, and shape, but also have designs that make them practical to carry on the whole day.

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10. Nuun Jewels

Her Royal Highness Nourah Al Faisal has always been close to Saudi Arabia’s strong heritage and centuries-old culture, so it is no wonder she has taken this background filled with art, culture, tradition, and stunning aesthetics, and turned it into some of the region’s finest jewelry designs today.

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11. Lillian Ismail

Dubbed as Saudi Arabia’s youngest jeweler, Ismail started out her idea as a high-school graduation project at first. But then after studying jewellery design in New York, and interning at Oscar de la Renta, it became obvious that this was her calling. The collections are inspired by multiple locations across Saudi Arabia, and the idea behind the branding is that the material speak to strong, empowered Saudi women.

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12. Razan Alazzouni shoes

Razan Alazzouni is a breath of fresh air. Her designs will transport you to beautiful gardens and spring days. Fresh and floral themes recall old days’ style with a modern twist, refreshing a tried and true style. Her designs are billed as exuding femininity, delicacy and grace, and her shoes line that seems to be prospering by the day is unmissable.

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13. Toby Femme by Hatem Alakeel

Workwear and masculine are not usually words you’d associate with Saudi Arabian fashion, but Hatem Alakeel does it with finesse. Using precise tailoring, eye-catching print and luxe fabrics, Toby Femme is a brand that presents feminine workwear with serious air of power dressing. Saudi homegrown, this brand has travelled the world and even landed on Prince William during a Saudi-British charitable polo game.

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14. MULU Athletics

Creator of the first sports abaya, Logain Al-Refae is the mastermind behind this sportwear brand. Boasting of breathable and flexible material, the MULU Athletics abayas have answered the prayers of every active woman who wants to get out and get down. Al-Refae is also a fitness trainer, so the credibility of the claims the brand is making are solid as steel.

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15. The Ruby Boutique

Sourcing her gemstones from Africa, Saudi designer Abeer Angawi founded this Jeddah-based boutique as a small business at first. Soon enough, her collections began selling rapidly, flourishing her business to an unprecedented feat. Her favorite stones to work with are the Afrcan Malachite, which is also a best-seller item of hers.

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16. Baraboux

Exotic skin handbags that capture the dynamic life of a well-traveller, the luxury flair that lives in every woman, and the pragmatism of a busy woman. This brand founded by Princess Reema Bandar Al Saud, who also happens to be Saudi Arabia’s first female ambassador to the USA, mélanges master dexterity with glamour and practicality.

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17. Khawla Al Harbi

Think futuristic era with a hint of desert and sun, and you’ll get this Riyadh-based brand. Deriving her love for the craft from her dressmaker mother, this Saudi designer found her passion and talent in one place. The striking merging of peculiar cuts and remarkable fabrics in one melting pot make her collections exceptionally unforgettable.

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18. Nadine Jewellery

Following the stepping stones her father has laid for 40 years before her, Saudi Arabian jewellery designer Nadine Attar created this brand after quitting the banking sector to pursue her dream. Her collections ooze of 19th century charm, with Arabic poetry engraved on a couple of pieces. The Saudi Arabian designer hopes to revive the locket culture to create everlasting pieces that can be conceded on to generations.

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19. Sotra

Birthing itself from a humble dining-table design gensis, Mariam bin Mahfouz created a fashionable yet minimalistic, and fit for every occasion brand. Her muses lie in her surroundings, and as she finds herself floating from one culture to the other, picking up bits and pieces, she always goes back to re-unite with Saudi Arabia and the everlasting culture she is always inspired by.

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20. Charmaleena Jewelry

This Jeddah-based brand is one of the most sought-after jewellery collections in the country. What makes their designs special is that every piece is inspired by a certain tale. They connect Charmaleena-wearing women all over the world with playfulness, originality, and practicality always. Long are the days where jewellery is limited to a certain outing, as this brand, by Saudi designers Leena and Hala El Khereiji, makes sure you wear their items all day long. 

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Sustainable and stylish, this Saudi Arabian brand is by Aljawharah Sadeem Alshehail. The driven and visionary designer puts her aesthetic and vision before fast fashion or trends. Sadeem’s immaculately tailored, high end women’s wear pays homage to Saudi culture, costume, jewellery and architecture. With every detail considered meticulously, Alshehail’s choices of fabric include silk due to its durability and biodegradability, as she works on an ecofriendly basis.

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22. Fyunka by Alaa Balkhy

This eclectic and whimsical handbag brand is the brainchild of Saudi graphic designer Alaa Balkhy. Pop culture centers the Fyunka handbags with an aim of providing laughter and happiness to all the wearers. You won’t find the Fyunka graphics on any other bag, which makes the design scheme so exceptional and exclusive.

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23. Nora Al Shaikh

Architecture and rich color palettes are what keep this Saudi Arabian brand going on the creativity train. While her eponymous brand has seen the corner of the world, from a museum in New York to the a street in Paris, you’ll always find her home country’s heritage instilled in her designs.

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