Adidas Pay Tribute to the Middle East with an Exclusive Badge

In early September 2019, Adidas launched the VRCT jacket, which is a more up-to-date take on a classic varsity jacket that sport teams often wear to represent their squads. Designed with the view that the garment is to be worn before and after training, Adidas’s new VRCT jacket has taken the classic bomber style and streamlined it with a sleek and contemporary cut that features a lightweight fabrication to ensure breathability, comfort and flexibility.

Being all-inclusive, the new VRCT jacket features a customizable patch, and is now complete with a badge exclusively designed for the Middle East. Adidas Middle East’s exclusive patch is the YALLA badge, which Middle Eastern athletes including Walid Yari, mountaineer Tima Deryam, body positive activist Lu D’souza and TV presenter Enjy Kiwan each wore in a photoshoot.

Enjy Kiwan VRCT Jacket

The customizable jacket features an ‘A’ team patch that is interchangeable, and also words endorsed by famous athletes including ones by, Ning Zetao (BRAVE), James Harden (FAMILY), Denise Schindler (I’MPERFECT) and Ning Zetao (BRAVE). The athletes collaborated with Adidas on the VRCT jacket project and created the badges to represent their personal journeys.

The VRCT Jacket is now available in a selection of colours across all Adidas stores and online at 

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