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8 Authentic Saudi Arabian Cuisine Restaurants To Try Out on National Day

Najd Village

Saudi Arabia's 89th National Day is upon and we want to celebrate the mighty kingdom in all of its facets. With all the bewildering fireworks, enchanting events, and all-around patriotic spirit, you're bound to drum up an appetite. We’ve rounded up the most tantalizing restaurants around the kingdom that serve traditional Saudi Arabian cuisine.

Get ready for gastronomy as its finest as you get acquainted with all the authentic dishes including kabsa, jareesh, mandi, Saudi laban, and more. Some of our picks even include an Arabian dining setting on the floor with surroundings of true Saudi ambiance and flair - this way your mandi will taste even more accurate, trust us.

1. Aseil Restaurant

Since we’re talking authentic, let’s start with the first Saudi Arabian cuisine outlet in the Kingdom. Aseil Restaurant, which translates to “The Original”, offers genuine Saudi traditional food ranging from Al-Mandi to Kabsa. Their delicious spins on the plates also include Shrimp Kabsa and Hayyel Kebbe.

Location: Prince Saud Al Faisal, Al Khalidiyyah, Jeddah
Number: 0126062349

2. Bialah 


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This restaurant is not only tantalizing but also offers discounts on national day! Specializing in the culinary arts, the chefs at this place will present to you a hearty Saudi Arabian meal, and an unforgettable experience. Have you ever had Mlukhia fatteh? Well, now’s your chance to.

Location: Prince Muhammad bin Abdulaziz Road, As Sulimaniyah, Riyadh
Number: 8002474400

3. Al Romansiah

Yes, it’s truly a love affair with this one. Branding their whole place around the idea of romance, Al-Romansiah, and its 28 branches, will make you fall for their dishes. Offering everything from Rice with Jareesh to grilled chicken á la Saudi, this restaurant never ceases to impress with their knowledge in traditional gastronomy and their always eclectic atmosphere.

Location: King Abdelaziz Road, Medina
Number: 920000144

4. Najd Village

Jareesh, Korsan, Chicken Kabsa, red rice, Tmeiss Bread, Saudi Laban, Tahini salad, and much more will be awaiting you at this traditional little village. Once you step in, you’ll immediately be transformed into a miniature Saudi Arabian village boasting of authentic vibes, traditional seating areas, and the friendliest people. So good food isn’t the only thing you’ll be anticipating.

Location: Takhassusi Street, Riyadh
Number: 920033511

5. Genan Alnakheel


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Offering every single type of chicken kabsa you’ll ever see, Genan Al Nakheel is a surefire way to spend your Saudi National Day meal outing. The restaurants administration does not only know how to run a delicious food outlet, but they also always find time to give back to charity and destiture communities.

Location: King Fahd Street, Jazan
Number: 0591119886

6. Goozy Restaurant


الشواية تبلناها و شويناها وبالمحبة جهزناها

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Traditional and homemade, it’ll feel like just your mother’s food! Known for their delicious spices and marinating sauce, Goozy restaurant is a Jeddah must-try. The amazing thing about this place is that the fun starts early morning with a tantalizing breakfast, until late in the evening with a scrumptious dessert. You’ll feel like Saudi royalty at this place.

Location: Hira Street, An Nahdah, Jeddah
Number: 920009535

7. Bait Aldhahbi

If you really want to know what Saudi Arabian culture tastes like, head to this place ASAP. While you’re there, try their specialty dish the Jareesh Markouk. With three branches located around Riyadh, wherever you happen to be, you’ll be sure to find this little gem.

Location: Mohamed Abdel Latif Street, Riyadh
Number: 114244440

8. Elements

Elements is a multi-cuisine conceptual restaurant which serves up global delicacies from across the east; China, Japan, India and the Middle East, all prepared to order and made from the freshest ingredients. However, what you’re looking for happens on Wednesday; where the Saudi traditional food is made with an interactive experience allowing guests to see their order being prepared.

Location: Four Seasons Hotel, Kingdom Centre, Olaya Street, Riyadh
Number: 112115000

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