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A Talk with Jessica Rich, Hollywood’s Beloved Shoe Designer

From Jennifer Lopez and Nicole Scherzinger to Kourtney Kardashian, Jessica Rich’s shoe designs have stomped the red carpets of Hollywood, and with such big celebrity names being fans of the label, you’d be surprised at how affordable it is.

Kourney Kardashian in Jessica Rich

Jessica Rich took a chance when she embarked on an opportunity to be on a reality TV show, but carved herself a path in dressing globally renowned A-listers and style icons. Inspired by her mother, this female entrepreneur is expanding her empire with New York being her next conquest. We caught up with Jessica Rich herself, to find out more about her inspirational, entrepreneurial journey, and here’s what she told us.

You started your career on reality TV, on Real Chance of Love. Tell us about that, and what made you take that path?
I was single at the time and I saw the casting for a dating show, so I said why not maybe I’ll find love.

Going on to create your own line of shoes, what was the turning point for you to go ahead and launch the brand?
I was already doing clothing and I noticed a drop in sales of the new fast fashion brands launch like Fashion Nova. I decided to start in a new lane and try something no one else was doing. It was my ex-partner at the time who gave me the idea. He owned a very big flower company, was very business-minded and knew what moves to make in order to bring in different streams of income.

One of your USPs is the price point at which you set your products. What does "affordable luxury" mean to you?
To me, ‘affordable luxury’ means shoes and items that are good quality and don’t break the bank. Anything under $350 USD to me, is affordable luxury.

When you set out to launch your own label and began designing, who was the woman you had in mind? Who is the Jessica Rich woman?
The Jessica Rich woman is sexy, loves to look good, is up to date with the hottest trends and stays on top of fashion. She’s also bold, confident and daring.

The Jessica Rich shoes has been seen on the likes of J Lo, Kourtney Kardashian and Nicole Scherzinger. What is it about your brand that sets it aside?
Jessica Rich is a mix of high end and affordable fashion with an edgy twist. My shoes are not red bottoms that cost $700 +, because some girls don't want to always spend that or wear what everyone else has. Celebrities like my shoes because they are comfortable, sexy, and trendy. Honestly speaking, most high-end designer shoes hurt and can be uncomfortable, so it’s also about wearing something that is relaxing. The number one compliment I get is that my shoes are comfortable, which says a lot considering they all have a heel height of 4.7 inches!

From your own collection, what would you say are your favorite must have pieces?
That’s a hard one to answer! I love all my shoes for various reasons but my favorite is the fancy stiletto; it was my first shoe design and made my brand go viral. I will be forever thankful for the response I got from the world on that design. J Lo is a big fan too, she wore them at New York fashion week 2 days in a row!

JLo in Jessica Rich

As an inspirational business woman, who are the women that inspire you throughout your life?
My mom has inspired me the most. She is a strong person and has never given up on anything in life.

Running a successful international business is no easy feat. What challenges have you faced and how have you overcome them?
My biggest challenges would be trying to get on top of things I have no control over, like production delays, and such. My shoes are in high demand so we can often run out of materials, and must source from different places. We try our best to meet shipping deadlines, but as for any business we are only human and work hard to do all we can!

What do you do to stay focused, motivated and empowered?
Self-care. Facials, spas, massages, eating healthy, consistently obtaining knowledge in the fashion world and making time for myself as busy as I am. This is what keeps me going.

What’s next for Jessica Rich?
I am pleased to announce that I will be opening a showroom in New York! I’ve had a good 10-year run in L.A. and I feel it’s necessary to expand and introduce the brand to the New York market to help fulfill demands for celebrities and stylists on the east coast.

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