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Dubai-Based Climber Will Be the First Female To Have Scaled all 15 Peaks in the Middle East

Australian, Dubai-based, mountaineer, Caroline Leon is about to take on a grueling challenge, and that is to attempt to climb 15 of the Middle East’s highest peaks within a matter of 30 days. The female climber is set to scale around 40,000m.

Leon was inspired by an accident she was left debilitated by in 2015, when she fell 7 meters and spent 2 years in recovery and rehabilitation. In a statement, Caroline Leon said of her new adventure, “I am thrilled to embark on this adventure – trekking up every peak in the Middle East is a psychological, physical and mental feat. After almost a decade of working and living in the region, I have found it to be incredibly intriguing, and I would like to show people its real beauty. I believe we are only bound by the limits we set on ourselves.”

Nour Suliman, CEO of DHL Express MENA, who are sponsoring Leon’s climb, also spoke about the 34-year-old climber and said, “We are delighted to support Caroline on this adventure. She has incredible grit and passion, and is continuously looking to conquer new frontiers. Her remarkable strength of character and can-do attitude resonates with our brand values and she is an inspiration to us all at DHL. We send her our best wishes, and we will be providing her all the support she needs.”

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