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Beat the Arabian Heat with These Summer Hair Trends

Christian Dior

The Arab region is known for its relentless summers, with the temperature soaring past the average 45°C sometimes. It’s already getting dang hot outside and styling your hair up off your neck is one of the best ways to keep your cool on those sweltering summer days. Plus, it helps you fight and cover up the frizz, because as you surely you know humidity isn’t our crowning glory’s best friend. We love these five trends from the spring/summer 2017 catwalks, because other than being completely fashion-forward, they’re a great way to stop you from feeling at war.  


Brandon Maxwell and Nicholas K

High ponytails add elegance and ease to every outfit, whether they are rumpled or poker-straight. The latter pared-back, polished look was seen at Brandon Maxwell, where hair was pulled up towards the top back of the crown. The super high ponytails featuring fabulous knots  on Nicholas K’s models were one of our favourite interpretations.

Josie Natori and Chanel

Additionally, low-slung ponytails were spotted everywhere, whether they were slicked back, like at Lanvin and Prada, or included unusual braiding and knotting, like Ricostrou and Josie Natori. They were also worn with accessories, like the belted style ribbons at Tibi If you’re not one to take time to do your hair, you’ll be happy with Sportmax’s extremely dishevelled, textured low ponytail. To add a twist to a low ponytail, you can wear it to the side, as Sam McKnight styled it for Chanel. The 1990s TV show styles had colourful Chanel hair charms and were topped with sassy baseball caps.


Alice + Olivia and Emporio Armani

Whether worn à la schoolgirl or in a low bun, French and Dutch braids, which you can use to send out lots of different signals, are one of the season’s leading trends. Alice + Olivia and Etam featured thick braids with hair loosely divided down the middle, with Alice + Olivia’s festival-style fishtails allowing room for strands to stick out. While working with Valentino, Guido Palau also created massive plaits. Other takes on the plait trend included Emilia Wickstead’s school-like French braids down the nape of the neck with a rock ‘n’ roll vibe and Emporio Armani's stern yet girly double French braids, which started right up at the top. A Détacher went one step further by giving models four arresting symmetrical Dutch braids.

A Détacher, Christian Dior and Creatures of Comfort 

The low-slung braided bun was another big look on the catwalks. Along with their sleek hair and middle parting, Creatures of Comfort models showed off a looped braided bun. The same look was seen at Kenzo, but with a side parting. At Erdem, on the other hand, a braided bun with some free wisps at the back of the neck was paired with a bow. What’s more, Christian Dior combined braids and buns by adding four reversed tight plaits at the back. This resulted in a sophisticated look at the front, while the back had a tougher, urban vibe. Braided buns are a great, easy to achieve choice for special events due to their timeless, romantic feel.

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