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2,000 Meters Above Sea Level Sits the Spectacular City of Al Hada in Saudi Arabia

In a country that has long been imagined to be comprised of sand dunes and nothing else, it may come as a surprise to many outsiders to discover that Saudi Arabia actually has a diversity of breathtaking terrains and lush nature. One such stunning location is Al Hada, located 2,000 meters above sea level in the mountainous region of Saudi Arabia’s Mecca Province.

A favorite destination for locals and holidaymakers, Al Hada overlooks the striking Tihama plains and is surrounded by majestic mountains that can be a vibrant green when the season is right. The city is renowned for its winding roads and climate that varies from 45 to 20 degrees Celsius, depending on the time of the year.

To really take in the full splendor of Al Hada, it is recommended to book a ride on one of its cable cars, which go for 4 kilometers over Al Hada Road to Al Kara resort, a popular location with pools and water slides. For those who plan to spend longer than the day visiting the city, Al Hada has a range of five stars hotels to choose from.

The city is also popular for the variety of activities it offers, from picnics to cool evening walks in its park, energetic hikes to mountain climbing, fresh fruits sold by the roadside to a wide variety of rose-based products. For honey lovers, Al Hada also has some of the country’s best quality honeys, due to its lush natural surroundings filled with flowers.

According to the Saudi Tourism website, Al Hada also has almond and olive plantations, and is renowned for its rose plantations, from which fragrances, rose water, and other rose-based items are made in the over 100 factories located in the region. If you’re less of a flower person and more of a fresh produce seeker, Al Hada offers seasonal fruits such as pomegranate, grape, berry, Capri fig, common fig, pear, plum, citrus, mango, and cactus pear.

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