Saudi Women Take On Roles as Traffic Collision Inspectors

Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 plan is in full swing and women are at the forefront. One of the objectives under the progressive initiative is to introduce more women into the working environment and it is coming to fruition as women are now being offered up governmental roles, high positions in finance and other industries that were once reserved for men only.

Most recently, women have been offered employment within the traffic, policing and inspection sector and just this week, Saudi Arabia welcomed its first ever female traffic collision inspector. Taking on her new role at Najm for Insurance Services, the new female recruit was assigned to traffic accidents taking place on Riyadh’s major roads, including Khalid bin Al Waleed Road and other areas surrounding King Khalid International Airport.

Najm has demonstrated their commitment to empowering women by hiring their first female inspector, and her appointment means that she has made history as she begins to work with male employees at the organization.

Last year, Najm held a course for women in traffic inspection who will be expected to take up employment in inspection, traffic collision, report writing, and verification of documents of parties involved in accidents, over the next few months.

Najm’s CEO, Mohammed Al Suliman said in a statement about the employment of women and his newest employee that it "highlighted the confidence Najm has in its female employees who he described as highly qualified and skilled." He also mentioned that Najm is hoping to remain dedicated to the empowerment of women in line with Vision 2030 and the kingdom’s initiative to introduce more women into the workforce.

Najm’s plans to increase the number of women workers in Saudi comes after the announcement that 50 women have been appointed as public prosecutor investigators for the first time ever in the kingdom.

According to a top official at the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, Nawal Abdullah Al-Thabian, “around 600,000 Saudi women have recently entered the country's job market.” He also stated that “the ministry recently initiated 68 schemes to facilitate employment opportunities for Saudi women.”

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