Saudi Arabia Breaks Another Festival Record, This Time with World’s Largest Camel Statue

Saudi Arabia has been making headlines over the last few years for setting memorable world records, such as the largest picture mosaic formed by people in 2017 on World Diabetes Day, the largest human awareness ribbon in the world in 2015, and the world's largest rubber water park in 2018. In addition to these fun records, Saudi Arabia also recently entered the books for its Crown Prince Camel Festival, which was named the World’s Largest Camel Sporting Event in September 2018.

Now, Saudi Arabia is making another camel-related headline, this time for the world’s largest model of the camel. According to Arab News, Prince Fahd bin Jalawi bin Musaed, who is the president of the Saudi Camel Federation, unveiled the sculpture during this year’s Crown Prince Camel Festival in the presence of Taif Gov. Saad Al-Maimouni and Glenn Pollard, a representative of Guinness World Records. The news site described the statue as 10 meters wide, 4.65 meters high, and fitted with more than 51,000 lights that light up the sculpture from within.

Established last year, the Crown Prince Camel Festival was created to showcase and enhance the camel racing heritage of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Arab countries, particularly to emphasize and celebrate the more traditional aspects of Saudi culture, one of which is the camel, used for centuries for food, transport, and even in war. During the festival, key races are scheduled, in addition to warm-up rounds, racing rounds, marathon rounds, production rounds, and closing-in rounds. Also, often featured are sports, cultural, and entertainment activities alongside educational workshops for camel owners and visitors interested in camel sports.

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